• x Proceed With Caution x

    “Remember me, darling? The petite little thing that you drugged until I could no longer scream? The victim beneath the power of your calloused fingertips?

    Do you remember me? A

  • @thebellringer Cloth bandages. How odd for someone to carry them around, but those darkened eyes swept over him in hopes to find the reason for such a thing. His hands being one, as they were no doubt calloused, and healed from the ringing of the bells. A twinge of pain settled deep within her heart from the thought of obeying such a monster to…[Read more]

  • @thebellringer A wicked world it was, and it was at her very fingertips. Asoka did not allow the weight of the world to press upon her shoulders, but instead took absolute control into her own hands when it came down to it. If a curve-ball was to be thrown in her direction, she’d catch it with optimum precision. A quick hand, and a vice grip. It…[Read more]

  • @thebellringer There was no murder left in her wake, as it was much too easy of a kill. Asoka enjoyed the chase, the organized planning of it all, and the challenge towards the end. Luring a man into his own cave without any intention of murdering them wasn’t very fun. Not for her, at least. Even if the blood that coated her fingers was so very…[Read more]

  • x Continue with caution. x

    “My sweet child. What brings you here?”

    “Murder, Father.”

    If a Kodak moment could have been any better, it would have been with the very look of sudden judgement upon the Priest’s

  • @thebellringer Her patience never wore thin as it took a minute or two for him to notice her, and when he had, there was an understanding in the way he simply gawked at her. Shock most definitely residing upon his deformed features, which to others were terribly sickening to look at. To her? She’s seen so much worse, and looking at this man was…[Read more]

  • @thebellringer Lethal kiss. Sultry words. Velvety voice.

    There was no denying the very fact that such actions that had been possessed would surely end with revenge on his end. In fact, Asoka knew it, and yet, the thrill of the chase was so very delectable upon the very tip of her tongue. Even with anticipation of their next meeting was surely…[Read more]

  • @thebellringer That loud cry of agony that flitted through the air was like music to her ears. The sound even vibrating through her anatomy; inch by inch coursing through her bones, and sending a shudder up her spine. It was such a beautiful sound to hear as the warmth of crimson liquid dripped from the onyx blade, and even coated her fingers from…[Read more]

  • @thebellringer Asoka was so very far from being a Witch. In fact, in all honesty, there was truly no name to call her, as she was so very distinctly different than the casual dark creatures that roamed the very world she was within. Between a veil of Life and Death. That sixth sense easily coursed through her veins, adding to the senses that came…[Read more]

  • x; Warning ;x

    Sexual based writing. Proceed with caution, lovelies.

    She had never been so lost before. Never been so unaware of her surroundings, or her mentality. A mere thought was difficult to distinguish

  • @thebellringer There was an underlying warning held beneath that tone of his, so she assumed. As if delaying him would render consequences built upon impatience. There was that lust burning within his pupils that she’d noticed automatically as their gazes connected. He was so very entrapped within her beauty, no doubt. The thrill of taking a woman…[Read more]

  • @hhole It was the perfect place for a sociopath like her. Victims of all patterns crossing paths upon the streets of Chicago itself. Such a massive city it was. With unsolved mysteries of murders that had taken place over a span of a few months. Little to nothing to base them off of, though. No suspects found. No witnesses to have seen with their…[Read more]

  • @thebellringer Nothing about this exotic woman was repelling. In fact, her entirety was as alluring as anything. With such a petite curvature of her body that drew people in, especially with those onyx hues of hers that tugged on the curiosity of those that dared to stare within them. She was rather mysterious. A book so tempting to open, and some…[Read more]

  • @hhole | Yes. I’m excited. (: I’ll send a starter in a bit. |

  • @thebellringer Silent as ever, Asoka followed up the staircase, and into that room that held such suffocating tension within the air. However, before entering past the threshold, the little sociopath was as intelligent as can be when shoving the entirety of her blade up the sleeve of her arm, where it would reside, hidden, parallel to her forearm.…[Read more]

  • @hhole | That was my misunderstanding, love. I don’t know a lot about Jack the Ripper, in all honesty. Just know bits and pieces from stories, and stuff like that. However, the information you have on the profile is enough for me to truly distinguish the differences. I’m also tired, so bare with me on that.

    As for going after her, I didn’t mean…[Read more]

  • @hhole | If only there were actually a Killer Club. Ha. Kidding. Honestly, it all depends. Maybe he goes after Asoka, since she’s a sociopathic whore who enjoys the thrill of murder. However, he doesn’t know she’s a killer. Maybe because she’s the epitome of a woman who sells herself. Even though that’s not what she does, but looks the part.…[Read more]

  • @hhole | Hey, love. Absolutely love the profile. Would you like to write? Let me know(: Think it’d be nice to have two killers meet. |

  • @thebellringer No, he didn’t misread her. Those lips of hers were as clear as day, and even if he couldn’t hear the sternness in her velvety voice, for certain every syllable could be noted upon her mouth. It took him a moment to come to realization about her agreement; allowing him to take her to this Master he spoke of. Such a word held its own…[Read more]

  • @thebellringer Hostility and disgust that laced within that melodic voice of hers. Such a beautiful sound that fell from her alluring lips, to the point most would never suspect for her to become so… different. Different than what most perceived her to be. The exterior was as fragile as can be. So very easy to break, as if she were a branch easy…[Read more]

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