Kinguide Mitros

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A leader of a proud race of Galactic guardians

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The Ajiri.



The Ajiri are very rooted in military traditions and science. Everything they do revolves around strengthening their military and discovering more about the multiverse. Their faith revolves around a single goddess called Mastella which translates to Star Mother. They believe that Mastella created them so that they may study the universe and become enlightened by its infinite wisdom. A favored pastime of the Ajiri is gladiatorial combat and it can get pretty crazy. Before the Ajiri were unified under one rule they would at times fight wars over the results of a match in the arena.



the Ajiri are usually thin but muscular humanoid beings with dark blue skin and pointed ears. they have evolved the ability to use the force like jedi or sith but they do not know what it is really and they think it is a gift from their goddess. Their eyes are able to switch to thermal or night vision as they had need of it as they hunted amongst the dense jungles of their homeworld. They may be scrawny but they are not pushovers. they have enhanced strength and skin as hard as tempered steel.






A massive star empire spanning many systems

My Secrets Are...

Secrets for a reason

I Believe...

I want to defend my people