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Enhanced speed and senses

Who Am I...

Who knows

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My Story Is...

At one point I always tried to be perfect at everything but after losing everything being perfect really doesn’t matter anymore. Now I serve Remus since he controls my soul I fight and kill for him. But what I love to do is enjoy every moment that I can. I enjoy laughing and being around people that I can call friends. I love helping people and making them feel wanted it is the only thing that makes my pain bearable. I don’t like feeling sad I hate being alone because then all I think about is the family that I lost. I’m done talking about that it always brings me down let’s move on. How about we play a game of hide and seek you count to sixty and then try to find me once you do we can talk to each other again bye for now.

My Appearance

Purple eyes long silver hair pale skin five-foot a black rose mark on the middle of her back

a white ribbon on the top of her head

a blue short-sleeved shirt  with  a white hoodie

blue jeans

white sneakers


a dagger

My Secrets Are...