(Pronunciation – You-Tahv-ee-on)

Who Am I...

"I am a vampire.. No, not a violent one. I rather think of life as a gift, not just something that I can take. I respect the living."

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

N/A – His wife died many milenia ago

My Story Is...

~ Story coming soon ~

My Appearance

Height: 6’2
Weight: ???lbs
Blood type:    Undead
Race:   High-Elf, Vampire
Eye:  Violet
Hair Color/Style: Smokey black, long, often parts on the side, leaving the rest of his hair fluffed over to the other side.

Presentation:  Dresses in victorian era formals. (Frock coats, ruffled blouses, stock ties, waistcoat, etc)
Personality:  Old romantic, loyal, good natured, overly protective,


~ Friends/Acquaintences ~

* Lorrenzius (Student)

~ Family ~

* Delfuin (Daughter-Student)

* Creb’aidin (Basically his son. Utavian is seen as the dark elf’s second father, the one who raised him up with magic)


~ Properties ~
~ Equipment ~
*Gold adorned claw gauntlets

~ Magic/Spells ~

My Secrets Are...

* He hates what he is, despises himself.

* Prefers to not take victims, so he finds ways to go around drinking blood. One way is coconut water (great to use for blood transfusions if lacking blood).


I Believe...

"There is good in anyone willing to change…"