Who Am I...

I am a Furry. A car furry to be specific. Uwu

Romantic Interests

Lookin' for either a human or another furry, whatever one. I'm one of those people who like to be choked, called slave, leashed up, I'm submissive, sooo…. Yeah.

My Story Is...

I was walking around town looking for a place to live at for a while, when I met you.

My Appearance

I’m a white cat with one blue she and one brown eye. My tail is black and I always wear a choker around my neck like a collar.


I don’t understand this part, so I will list the things I own. I always have chokers, and my leash. And many other things.

My Secrets Are...

I love talking to humans. I find them so interesting!

I Believe...

I'm myself to be a good (or bad) kitty.