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My Story Is...

Her parents died when she was four. Ever since then she was in an orphanage in hell. And yes, it is as bad as one would think. But one day, somewhere in the 1870’s, Nexus Luciferson offered to teach the children of the orphanage. Verne has refused to allow her body to grow up, so she remained ten for a few hundred years. But today, she allowed her body to age. She is now mentally and physically a eighteen years old..

My Appearance


Pastel Green Hair
Crimson Red Eyes
Pale Skin
Horns (Hidden so Unknown)
Wings (Hidden so Unknown)


Outfit 1;A dirty white hoodie with the word “EW” written in big, bold, and jet black on the front. Blue jeans and a pair of jet black loafers. A black gas mask with white highlights and a pair of black goggles with bloody orange specs. A gold bracelet with diamond engraved into it on the left wrist and a matching brace but reversed on the right

Outfit 2; A knee length black dress. The bottom of it fades into black, sugar like dots are surrounding above the top of the white on the dress.

Outfit 3; A camo tank top with the PINK logo on the front printed in jet black. A pair of black ripped jeans and camo green tennis shoes.

Outfit 4; A blue hoodie and sneakers to match. The pants are light gray khaki pants.




My Secrets Are...