Valcarus Bloodbane

Intro Video

Who Am I...

The Chaos God.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I used to be a vampire. Was for a couple hundred years. That ended when i got a hold of the blood amulet. Not a blood sucker anymore. Fuck that, I hated that life. Anyways, I got into the assassin business a while back. And I’m pretty damn good at it. I had this one target. A Celestial named Kydoimos. He ate worlds or some shit. Anyways I killed that guy and got some cool cosmic powers along with the Cosmic Staff. Not even a mortal anymore. Apparently when I killed that Kydoimos guy I got his title. I have to feed on very large amounts of Cosmic Energy. That guy ate worlds to fulfill the hunger. Me? I eat Suns. Im the new Chaos God. And I love it.

My Appearance

Tall, Medium length snow white hair, bright ice blue eyes. Usually dark clothing. Common outfit is a blue hoodie with finger less black gloves and black jean with blue converse.


Sanguinem Equum Domitor (A sword made from the blood of the first vampire ever that allows the manipulation of blood), the Cosmic Staff (A staff that allows interdimensional and time travel), Cosmic Powers (Energy manipulation, Gravity manipulation, Spatial manipulation, Light speed, and A LOT more)

My Secrets Are...

My own.

I Believe...

That everyone is the master of their own fate.