Persephone Valencia


Persephone;Originated from the Greek name, Persefoni, Persephone’s name means Bringer of Death. (Purr-suh-phone.)

Perse, is a preferred title the younger Valencia holds, made by her older brothers when she was younger. (Purse.)

Or, they call her Persey, if they wish to tease her. She despises that nickname. (Purr-see.)

Who Am I...

Persephone, or, Perse.

My Story Is...

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When she was younger, she had a moment of fogginess, forgetting to slip on those gloves in a rush of excitement. Her twin sister, Ashya, with the concept of storm, had been on some trip with one of their siblings. Without thinking, Persephone had hugged her. Causing her to befall a slow death of rot and decay.

It isn’t a secret to the family, but Persephone doesn’t speak of it to anyone.

My Appearance

Profile picture; but here’s extra details.

Her skin is moon-kissed, pale and smooth. Her eyes are a bright blue, streaked with silver and storm-grey that wraps around her iris’. She’s 18 years of age, and won’t grow past her height of 5’0, despite the Valencia’s normal height of tallness more than short.

Her hair is long, and white, streaked with ivories, whites, grey’s and silvers.


Depends, otherwise, she always wear satin-like materialized gloves. The black article keeping people or things from her harming, deathly, touch.