Valencia and Celestia (the twins)

Intro Video


Personality of Valencia

Valencia is often called the ‘bad cop’ of the two. She is rude, output, easily Angered, and downright mean. Often Celestia has to chide Val and break up fights. Val is very perverted, and sexual. Usually she is cracking a dirty joke that has Celestia blushing. If she’s given a nickname, its Val.
Valencia’s fears


Celestia’s personality

Celestia is the more introverted of the two. She’s shy, soft spoken, and very bashful. She’s always been the voice of reason, and fights to keep Val out of trouble ninety percent of the time.

Celestia’s fears

The dark
Angry people


Who Am I...

We are the twins.

Romantic Interests

Both are bi-sexual

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Valencia and Celestia are two halves of a whole. The girls are destined to become the coniuncta, which is latin for Conjoined. From birth they knew of their destiny, and made their way to each other. Val from Egypt, and Celestia from france. But the two are unable to join and search for help.



two guns, holstered at her hips
A gun belt with a wide array of poisons



A satchel bag (herbology books, healing elixirs, and a knife)
A watch that tells the time in all universes and realms with a single word

I Believe...

Valencia believes she is a goddess reincarnated. Celestia believes Valencia is insane.