Valentine Azrael

Who Am I...

My name is Valentine and I am the successor of Death.

Romantic Interests

Females, but know that getting me interested in a girl is something that has not yet happened.

My Story Is...

I come from the future, crazy as it sounds. There it is called Thrae. There is only a handful of humans left there, otherwise there are many other species. I have been chosen by Death to be his successor. Believe it or not, Death can only live for one million years, then he must choose a new Death. Death has yet to tell me why he chose me but I believe he has his reasons. As Death I will have to fill a quota, I will not be able to discriminate, and I must travel across all universes to Reap. As of right now, I am halfway through my apprenticeship and I am no longer living nor am I alive. I have come to Hellifyno for my first Reaping. I bring with me my friend Sir Perriwinkle the Third. He is a cat-like being as you would all call it but he is much more intelligent and can speak. He has a tophat, monacle, and a moustache. He is the last of his kind and therefore I cannot Reap him.

My Appearance

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If I were to reveal that, then there would be no surprise in a fight.

My Secrets Are...

If you believe I am so stupid as to reveal that then you are mistaken.

I Believe...

You must reap what you sow.