The Darkness Shall Swallow You Whole.

“We were Gods spanning the universe and all the realms it held, taking what we wanted, killing everything else. We raped, we pillaged, we conquered whole worlds on a whim. We are the masters of all. We are the Valheru. We created the elves as slaves, the dragons as steeds, we ruled all that we touched. And when the Gods thought to encroach upon our pantheon, we rose up and we warred with them. We killed them, we destroyed them, though in the end, they were able to banish us from our home realm, but they could not kill us, we were too powerful. They’re mistake was not dying, for we grew more wrathful, more powerful over the eons of our banishment, and when the time came, we returned, and we made the gods themselves our slaves. And we are not kind masters.”

Valheru Reign

Name: Valharl Erangar

Race: Valheru [Dragon Lord]

Mortality: Immortal.

Family: Kylin Erangar: Brother

Malik-Ein Rainar: Cousin.

Title: Lord Of Stars.

Primary Creations: Sashier- A race of half wraith, half Elf Immortal servants

Steed: Gravity Dragon Testament.

Mate: None.

Powers: Creation. High Level Space/Time Manipulation. Energy Manipulation. Material Conversion. Physical Attributes: Extreme Level strength, immune system, speed, agility, senses, reflexes, and physical continuance.

Like all Valheru,Valharl was born into a harsh world of power and survival. The weak died, the strong lived and conquered. That was the only rule his race lived by. He was born from the same mother as the Valheru of Darkness, Kylin Erangar, and like his brother, his power was feared. Instead of being cast into the pits of oblivion off the mountain tops of Midkemia, he was cast into the darkness of the cosmos, where surely, even a Valheru child could not survive it’s cold embrace. However, his level of evolution and adaption had been underestimated. Valharl not only survived in the vacuum of space, but he thrived, grew stronger in ways no other Valheru before him had grown. His body became hard, his lungs adapted to the lack of oxygen, his power enveloped him and made him into a vessel worthy of this test. When Valharl returned to the planet he had been cast from it was to destroy those who had dare test him, and those not strong enough to survive his wrath were not worthy to call themselves Valheru anyway. In his madness he destroyed all who dwell on that planet, and then the planet itself. He raged from realm to realm, system to system until his brother Kylin met him on the field of battle and the two of them raged a war that tore across an entire universe.

Their battle drew the ire of the Gods who had created that universe and in order to save it, they threw themselves against the raging brothers, though it proved to be only folly. Even they could not stop two Valheru in a battle rage. They were slaughtered, their power absorbed, making the battle rage even hotter, even farther. After centuries of laying waste to the universe the brothers stopped fighting. Neither of them was defeated, but they had been sated, their rage satisfied and one another’s measure had been taken. Like the Valheru they were, they simply parted ways, leaving the vast destruction in their wake unheeded, and forgotten. What did they care for one universe when they could travel to and rule any universe they pleased? Valharl traveled from realm to realm, reality to reality dominating whatever he wanted until finally he found a world he was satisfied with and settled there, building himself a tower that reached the cosmos above. There he slept, waking now and again to see what new ages had to offer, but never truly feeling the hunger to conquer again. He was satisfied.


He created the first of the Gravity Dragons, Testament and with the help of his creation, survived the vacuum of space long enough to return. He grew into his power fast, creating the Sashier race as his servants, hybrid, wraith-like elven immortals who could tap into the stars for their power. Like his brethren, Valharl wasn’t satisfied with just roaming the realm of his birth, and soon he took to the stars, traveling to other realms with his host of Sashier and Gravity Dragons, seeking out his destiny and his fabled brother.

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