Valno LeMorte

Who Am I...

Lady Death, Kilvian Queen, Vampire Princess and a Demon War Lord. The power to have anything and control all at the tips of her fingers. The face of an angel, eyes that reflect your soul, a body that would fill your every lust. A perfect predetor that lives to kill or perhaps a monster that is damned to the darkness.

Romantic Interests

One could say that line is straddled

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

She was born to a Vampire Queen who had an affair with a Demon Lord. You could say the King was not to happy when the first born had white hair and silver glowing eyes. She was shunned and tosses aside when her younger sister was born. The crown being handed to her… the rightful heir. She wondered the different planes for many years before she stumbled upon Hellifyno. This is where it all changed. She was married and expect to rule a species different than her own. For this to happen a Kilvian Core had to be placed in her chest to take over her body transforming her into a Kilvian Queen. The marriage ended terribly sending her to rest her inner wounds in the Hells with her father until the time was right to come back. Here she stands a Demon Vampire Kilvian….. housing so much power and playing in the shadows. Ushering souls to their rightful resting place, reaping and seeing all…. Lady Death.



Black Fog: Life sucking, pain giving, nightmare accessing dark evil fog. Controls energies within the body for    the painful killing side of things.

Silver Fog: Warm, healing, caressing light fog. Controls energies and emotions within a body for good.

Black Lightning: Kilvian lightning from within the core. Escapes through her whole body though channeled through her hands mixing with her fog.

Speed, Super healing, Beautiful and with a hunger for Blood.

My Appearance

Height: 5’5

Hair: White

Eyes: Glowing Silver (Black when pissed)

Body: Curvy

Attire: Leather

Skin: Porcelain White

Fangs: Eight of them

Weapons: Hell Spawned Silver daggers

Powers: Healing, Emotion Controlling, Body Manipulating, Soul Weaving – Fog


Daggers hidden upon her at all times.

My Secrets Are...

Beauty is a predators best assest, or do you not think so?

I Believe...

Evil lives within every soul