Vampire hunter D


D also known as Vampire Hunter D. D is a dhampir, half vampire, half human who travels around the Frontier in search of the Nobility. In almost every book it is noted that D has superior strength, skills and knowledge in comparison to other dhampirs. It is hinted that this is because he has some special connection to the Sacred Ancestor (it is generally regarded that D is his son, though this has never been explicitly stated) and that he is the result of crossbreeding experiments performed by the Sacred Ancestor to halt the inevitable decline of the Nobility.

Who Am I...

"I'm a dhampir. Call me D"

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

D was originally a conjoined twin, with an identical brother who is also simply named D (referred to by the narrator as “Fake D”), who, while just as strong as the “real” D, is the complete opposite of the D’s personality. Being both cruel and given to humor, which ultimately leads them to become enemies. The pair were born in the Sacred Ancestor’s research facility deep beneath the village of Sedoc, where many Noble/Human hybrid experiments occurred. Sometime in the past, the “real” D was given the symbiotic being Left Hand, and left the facility and believed to have destroyed it, while his brother was confined by the Sacred Ancestor.

Little else is known about D, where he is going and who/what he is searching for. He rarely converses with anyone except those who hire him to destroy vampires, and even then he says only what is necessary. D has never shown overt affection towards anyone, vampire or human. The most that others can hope to expect from would be a smile, but it is generally accepted that this is a rare thing for the emotionless hunter to do.

Although D’s exact age is never revealed he is known to be at least 5,000 thousand years old, as stated when escorting Byron Balazs, the group arrives at an ancient Noble Air terminal where the facility A.I. says that it was told of D by the Sacred Ancestor when he visited five millennia ago. But there are also hints that he may actually be much older, such as in the case of Dr. Gretchen using an attack that was used on the Sacred Ancestor 10,000 years ago. Once she used it on D he seemed to recall it, giving the true question of his age and shocking Dr. Gretchen. In the novel Tyrant’s Stars 1-2, the character Kima reveals he was in service to D, referring to him as “Lord D”, which suggests he may have had others in service to him at one point and may have held a domain of his own like so many Nobility. This predates his time with Left Hand as he attests. It also suggests there may be much more to his true origins as well. This is further corroborated with Gilzen, who also remembers this from ten thousand years ago.

My Appearance

D’s looks are described as unrivaled, so much so that even men find him gorgeous, and women swoon. In the first book he is described as wearing a wide brimmed traveler’s hat, a faded black long coat, wearing a blue pendant and a combat utility belt. It’s also noted that he carries a curved longsword strapped on his back.

He’s described as being a youth between 17-18 years with a milky white complexion, a powerful frame, and a low voice. He has thick masculine eyebrows, a smooth bridge of a nose, with long thin cold eyes that are quite clear. His lips were also described as being tightly drawn and his hair color is black.

When D drinks his blood or is motivated enough, he can instantly transform into a full vampire. During this time a complete change goes over him. His once steel willed reserved eyes go from dark to a blood red shining a red light which covers him and everything around him in vermilion, blazing with the unyielding explosion of emotion and an even stronger will. Before he could be thought of as human, but once this change has over taken him, he is easily recognized as a supremely powerful Noble.

He like others reading or using the Akashic Record, has eyes that blaze golden.

D is very cold and distant, but he is not an intentionally abrasive person. His demeanor is forged from steel, seemingly emotionless, but is capable of adequately expressing himself when the situation calls for it. This is most often when his client is either in danger or their safety is being used as a threat against him, frightening the instigators with a flash of white-hot anger.


Wide Brim Traveler’s Hat, Blue Pendant, Wooden Needles, Combat Belt, Cape, Black Coat, High Black Boots, Great Sickle, Chameleon Suit, High Powered Sniper Rifle, Nobility Grenade, Micro Computer, Translucent cylinder, Electronic Lamp, Dagger, Broad-Bladed Knife, Caltrops, wire, Hook and thread, First Aid Kit (might be expired) , black scarf, Nobility blanket, Capsules, Salsa Booze, Wild Cobra Whiskey, Shangri-la Wine,Synthetic Coffee, Condensed nutritional supplements, Heat pack, pack, Invader Ivy, Fog of Misdirection, Recon Hawk, Notebook, Beatrice’s Notebook, Flute, Aristocrat Coin, Dracze, Five-Thousand-Dala Coin, Ten-Thousand-Dala Bill, Million Dala Bag, Soul Sword, Longsword