Varg the Ogrekin

Who Am I...

A half-ogre from the Western islands.

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

Born from a fairly rare mating of a human and an ogre. Although smaller than most others of his tribe, he was sufficiently smarter to avoid ostracism.
After a major tribal conflict it was safer for Varg to leave for the mainland, and being curious by nature he soon found himself wandering the world, in search for wealth, adventure and all manner of experiences.

My Appearance

Quite a lot taller than the average human but equally shorter than the average ogre. Close to 8′ tall. A wiry but powerful frame, contrasting from the traditional bulk of a full-blooded ogre.
Tanned, with a slight ochre-tinge to his skin. Dark hair, shaved close to the skin on the sides of his head.
A fairly long nose, jutting out like the ram of a war galley. Fangs peeking out from his lower jaw.
Below heavy eyebrows, rust-coloured eyes imply not so much a brilliant intellect as a certain, base and pragmatic cunning.


Kilt made of undyed wool, a poncho of the same material.
A kind of mish-mash of thick leather, scraps of metal and pieces of chain mail form a servicable armour.
A large leather sack.
Some rope.
Tinderbox, flint and steel.
A waterskin.
Large wooden shield.
Heavy sword
Several sheep skins stitched together into a bedroll.
A heavy wool blanket.

My Secrets Are...

None so far

I Believe...

It's good to see the world (and make a bit of profit while at it).