Virgil Threnody

Who Am I...

Virgil Threnody is a vampire.

Romantic Interests

Virgil is certain he could never find love with an affliction like his.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Centuries ago, what was once a corpse was reborn into a creature of the night. That corpse was Virgil Threnody. Their past life is lost to his memory, and with public records pronouncing him dead and all of his owned assets seized there was no returning to a normal life.


Virgil Threnody has lived a life of social reclusion ever since then. With no other vampire to tutor Virgil on his newfound existence as an undead, his supernatural abilities have been tempered by only time, experimentation and study.


Virgil rarely leaves the abandoned clocktower in which he resides. It was here he discovered a hoard of tomes on spell craft and supernatural lore so long ago. The clocktower offered him sanctuary from the mortal world, other supernatural threats, and most importantly the sun. Virgil has committed his immortal life to studying the library for all of it’s worth. The library was the most crucial resource in thriving as a vampire. Virgil can still be found there to this day, should anyone come poking about clocktower and discover the trove of knowledge hidden within.


Virgil’s library is cleverly hidden inside of the clocktower. A bookcase in an old abandoned office space acts as an entrance. The method of opening it is incredibly cliche. Removing the correct book from the shelf acts a switch to activate an arcane mechanism. The bookcase would then become incorporeal, like a ghost, it’s new form acting like a portal. This portal is a doorway to a pocket-dimension that is unfathomable in size. Within it are bookshelves that stretch farther than the eyes can see, suggesting that the number of books inside to be never ending. The library’s massive trove of volumes includes every genre of book, far exceeding the imagination. The selection suggests that the contents of the library are inter-dimensional, as if whoever created it amassed texts from alternate realities than the one Virgil is familiar with. Virgil is never bored as a result, even after centuries of doing nothing but reading, as the range of topics to read about include everything from historical manuscrips of lost civilaztions in dead languages, to volumes of strange adult-oriented readings. It’s wealth of texts on the arcane arts are what interest Virgil the most, but Virgil would be lying to say they were his favorite.






Virgil Threnody boasts many of the strengths and weaknesses that you would expect to find in a vampire.


It is expected to be common knowledge to most characters that a vampire has these weaknesses. If the character has heard the term “Vampire” before, then they should know that a vampire:


Is destroyed by sufficient exposure to sunlight.


Is destroyed by incineration or disintegration.


Is destroyed if caught in running water.


Can be incapacitated instantaniously by a wooden stake through their heart.


Can be incapacitated by a decapitation.


Displays a great aversion to garlic.


Displays a great aversion to holy symbols, objects, and verses.


Displays a great aversion to mirrors.


Cannot enter a private home or property without first being welcomed in by someone with welcoming authority.


While Virgil’s thirst for blood has been tempered over time, even the most mature vampires will succumb to the need eventually. Vampires risk losing their sanity if deprived of blood for too long.


Virgil is incapable of enjoying most mortal pleasures because of the nature of his undead body. Food and drink bring him no pleasure, for it all tastes as if he had been chewing the same piece of gum for far too long. No heat can warm the stiff flesh and bones that trap his soul in this mortal coil, be it the caress of a lover or the hearth of a fire. The cold that permeates him is to the degree that he cannot even tell the temperature of the room he stands in, and can be felt by others in all of his actions like handshakes and his breath when speaking. Sleep does not come to him either, despite the ever-present fatigue that grips every sinew of muscle he has. All of these facts of undead life bring torment to Virgil.


Virgil Threnody’s maturation as a vampire, and their centuries of study in the mystical arts have afforded Virgil to perform many supernatural and magical abilities, such as:


Mastery of spell craft, giving Virgil the power to bend elements of nature with their willpower, except for those that conflict with his attribute as an undead. some examples of these conflicts, for instance; healing magic, summoning a torrential downpour of water, and commanding plants or animals other than his familiars..


Deciphering a wide variety of arcane languages and runes.


Can communicate with ethereal beings such as elementals and spirits.


Virgil avoids the practice of black magics because of his moral compass. Despite this, he has a natural affinity for raising and commanding undead, instilling decay in any living flesh at will, and opening portals or communications to the lower planes of existence (Hell/the underworld/the netherrealms/whatever you’d like to call it) and those that reside within it.


Supernatural strength.


Supernatural agility.


Supernatural senses of sight, smell, and hearing.


Unassisted flight.


Boasts incredible regenerative abilities.


Can transform into a bat, and summon swarms of bat familiars.


Can transform into a rat, and summon swarms of rat familiars.


Can transform into a spider, and summon swarms of spider familiars- which are his favorite between rat, bat, or spider.


Can take the form of a plume of smoke.


Can manipulate those with weak wills by mesmerizing them using vampiric charm. This requires continuous eye contact between him and the enthralled.


Has razor-sharp fangs.


His fingernails can become razor-sharp claws.


Is an undead, and therefore released from mortal needs such as food and drink, warmth, sleep, etc.


Virgil’s cold undead flesh can feel no pain, at the price of not feeling very much at all.


Finally, he cannot be killed, because they’re already dead. They must be destroyed.


My Appearance

Virgil stands at 5’9.


Virgil’s eyes often change color in response to the magic he wields, but their neutral color is red.


Virgil’s true skin color is a ghostly pale when it comes time for him to quench his thirst for blood, but when well-fed his skin-tone is unmistakable from a common Caucasian.


Virgil’s hair does not grow, and fear that it may never grow back keeps Virgil from cutting it. It’s stays lengthy and blonde.


Virgil can not retract his fangs. They are always visible, especially when he speaks.


Taking inspiration from the novels that he has read about vampires, and an innate desire to do so as a side effect of vampirism, Virgil dresses himself with high taste. (See photo.) He uses the excessively large collar of his fancy cloak to conceal the iconic bite mark that scars the right side of his neck.


Virgil’s voice can only be heard to be believed. Virgil’s accent is incredibly sterotypical for a vampire. Virgil’s voice is thick with Romanian accent, and his centuries-old vocabulary produces an extrapolated and obsolete sentence structure. Whether or not these mannerisms are a side effect of being turned into a vampire, or he truly has a Romanian heritage is unknown.


Underneath his clothes, Virgil has an impressive physique. Strangely, it maintains despite Virgil never doing any exercise and using his magic to perform even the most trivial of tasks- to include walking and moving objects. His upper body is built like someone who’s spent a lifetime of doing mountain climbing, producing a set of chest, traps, and arms. They lack the incredible sized that one would find in a power lifter, showing a more toned and low profile build. His lower body is toned in a similar fashion, looking to be built for a natural born runner.

My Secrets Are...

Virgil resents every aspect of his vampiric self. Even the things many would wish upon a star to have, like his body that keeps itself muscular and strong despite never doing any exercise, and the affinity for magic and supernatural. Despite his clouded memory of being mortal, not having access to basic mortal pleasures like warmth or sleep he finds torturous and unnatural. Almost every day, Virgil looks through the cracks of the boarded up windows of his clocktower. Virgil contemplates stepping into the sunlight and letting it’s  judgement cast upon him. Allowing himself to crumble to ash and finally let the nightmare be over. It is here that Virgil’s greatest resentment sets in. Damnation surely awaits Virgil in the afterlife, and the thought of that always turns him away from the sun. The sweet release of death is something that Virgil craves deeply, but whenever the presence of the oblivion approaches self-preservation kicks in once more and cowardice turns Virgil away from eternal peace. He is utterly harrowed and broken in spirit because of the evil things he must do to sustain himself, and considering the possibillity that he had done something in his mortal life to deserve this fate does not make it any easier on him.


Virgil wants to believe that he was a kind person before being afflicted with vampirism, despite a suspicion that his affliction was handed down by karma. Virgil values what little humanity he has left. Virgil has no motivation to do others unnecessary harm outside of quenching his thirst. Such is this belief that he made a promise to himself that there would never be a time when he kills a person he did not plan on eating.


Virgil is a heavy procrastinator. Virgil finds it hard to motivate himself to complete tasks beyond those that entertain him like reading. After all, he has all the time in the world. Literally. It is a bad habit, and Virgil will put off almost any activity until the last minute using this logic.

I Believe...

Virgil believes he is cursed, and treats himself like he is a monster because of his affliction.