Leon Knightus

Who Am I...

Leon Knightus, fiendslayer paladin!

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My Story Is...

Leon Knightus was a simple page. A boy who dreamed of becoming a knight-errant throughout the countless hours he spent shining the boots of heroes. He worked diligently, convinced that the meticulous work he put into ensuring their floors were spotless, and their meals hot and ready would one day earn his place at their side. But it was not destined to be this way, for his family were indentured into a poverty that would hang over their heads far until the days of Leon’s grandson.


For years, ever since he was a young boy, he worked tirelessly for the thankless men-at-arms as their subordinate. No one was convinced he had any potential to be a knight-errant one day. All except for the local priest. The priest saw great potential in him, as Leon had demonstrated such great conviction to their goddess that none had seen before.


Their goddess they worshipped to was an archangel. A motherly figure who was omni-benevolent, and used her magic to grant blessings to the populace. Her blessings she gave to the knights granted them aid when they fought the forces of darkness to keep the people safe. She brought rains to the farmers in times of drought. She healed the sick where all other methods had failed. She prophesied the future for prospective mothers and businessmen alike, her predictions carrying a greater accuracy than any seer before her. The whole populace loved and worshiped her with undying loyalty.


But then one day the goddess became very sick. The one being that had ensured the people could live in peace was dying, and soon her blessings would be lost forever. No one knew how or why the goddess became sick, but surely her time on earth was fading fast. When all hope seemed lost and the populace was stricken with grief, the goddess summoned the priest. She told the priest to give her a champion. Someone who had a true heart, and could do no evil. Someone who loved their home very much, and would happily spend eternity helping those in need. She asked this of the priest, and the goddess expected the priest to bring her a stalwart knight.


Instead he brought her Leon.


Leon was kindest and most hardworking young man, only the age of 14 at the time, that the priest knew. In Leon, the priest saw the kind of character that the people deserved as their goddess’ champion. The priest presented Leon to the archangel at her waterfall sanctuary she called home, and told the goddess that this would be the one to carry on the goddess’ legacy.


The goddess, growing weaker by the day, trusted the priest’s judgement. She accepted Leon as the one who would be her champion. It was then that the goddess gifted to Leon her very soul, and with it he obtained an assortment of powers for him to use to fight evil, and help those in need.


The powers Leon obtained from the soul of the goddess gave him the means to take her place.  He agreed to use his powers for the good of humanity, for as long as he was able. Leon became eternally youthful, destined to stop aging after the ripe age of 25. He was granted incredible healing miracles, so strong that he could banish sicknesses of all kinds with simple utterances, and fatal wounds mends with his touch. The sky and the clouds bend to his will, which he uses to stop natural disasters and bring the farmers their needed rains. Animals and plants answer to him and follow his commands, no matter how feral or wild they might be. He was granted the use of powerful holy artifacts to use as weaponry, with which he slays man or monster who would threaten mankind. He also obtained a beautiful set of angel wings. But of all these gifts, none was more precious to him than his dream of becoming a knight coming true.


Immediately after becoming the champion of the angelic goddess, he was inducted into the knight’s academy. This time not as a page, but as a squire. He was truly becoming a knight now! His masters took great care in giving him the very best training that they had to offer. When Leon turned 18, he graduated from the knight’s academy as a fully-fledged paladin. Leon Knightus’ dream has finally been realized, and now he travels the world upholding the knightly code.

My Appearance

This is a picture Leon Knightus during a training exercise at the academy. Recklessly flying around without his helmet on. He stands at 6’2, and the wingspan is 5 feet.


This is Leon Knightus’ armor. It is one of the powerful magical artifacts that he inherited from the goddess. It offers stalwart defense as strong has his noble convictions. Literally. The armor is not made of anything like conventional steel. It is not made of any “thing” at all. It is a physical manifestation of Leon’s faith in the form of armor. It is completely indestructible, as long as his conscience is clear. Those who are evil, be they monsters or demons, or even the common pickpocket, can not touch him as he wears it and the sight of it will blind them. He can summon it over his body at will, and dismiss it into nothing, therefore he has no need to carry the set around with him or require the aid of another to put it on.

This is a closeup of Leon Knightus’ sword. It too is an artifact inherited from the goddess. It is a unique sword similar to his armor with the power to discern good and evil. It reveals to Leon if someone is telling a lie, if a crime was committed nearby, or if someone is in danger by glowing brightly. The sword is incapable of harming the innocent, but will sear through any person or monster who is guilty with the heat of a thousand suns. Like his armor, he can summon and dismiss it at will.

My Secrets Are...

Unknown to Leon, he is no longer a human. When he inherited the soul of the goddess he became an angel. He still interacts with humans and behaves like one.


Leon’s adherence to justice and law is compulsory. He is physically incapable of actions of questionable integrity. He can not tell a lie, cheat, steal, etc., no matter the circumstances. He would give shirt off his back to anyone, no matter how wicked or undeserving of his help.


He doesn’t like having his feathers ruffled.


His wings reveal his emotions uncontrollably, similar to a dog’s tail.