Venica Noriceia

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Men -Warrior if you wish my time be worthy of it.

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My Story Is...

Born in blood her mother bore her forth on the battlefield, as he father fought with pride. Her birthmark a scar from a glancing blow. She was bred with the taste for bloodshed and warfare. Taught from an early age how to fight as well as any man, she has often stood shoulder to shoulder with her brothers in battle. Raised in the small fishing village of Berka she learned swiftly how to mark the measure of a man or woman. Her respect is earned never given and her loyalty when found to be deserving of such is without question.  Deadly with sword, arrow or axe she can hold her own in any battle and lives for the fight. Often considered unfriendly she is more guarded, more serious in her manner than most. Though she is not without her softer side, this the most guarded of all.

Cast forth to this strange land by a witch she searches for a way home. Anger her forever twin, she suffers not fools lightly. Approach with caution

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My Appearance


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My axe, given to me by my father – Heartseeker

Shield and Armor – broadsword

A bow and set of arrows – a gift from a clan sister


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I Believe...

Peace is an illusian, war is a reality.



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