Who Am I...

I am a Soul Collector

Romantic Interests

I don't have any at the moment

My Story Is...

If you must know…
Once I was a young boy who dabbled too much with the mystics.
Soon, mistakes were made and a price had to be made.
Either lose my soul or collect others.

At first I thought it was just another job opportunity.
But I was way out of my league…

But at the end, a job as a job. I get to keep my soul as long as I collect the wandering ones. No, I’m not a reaper but I do work for one.
Apparently there’s more than one…

My Appearance

I was around my late 20s when the incident happened and it became a soul collector. Your appearance stays when it is the moment you become one apparently but I know I’m much older than that. How much older, I’m not really sure.
I have pale skin and thick long black hair.
The iris and pupil of my eyes are white and the sclera has turned black.
I’m almost 6 foot tall with a lean build (thank God I started working out before this happened)
I was born within the Middle East but I don’t know exactly my origins.
I wear long robes most of the time, dark colors seem to fit the theme but I do like the color orange.


I have a small notebook with a pencil in one pocket and a bag of gold coins and another.
Three strange orbs that circle around me that help me collect wandering souls. It also turns into certain weapons when convenient or needed.

NO, I do not carry scythe a or a sickle In a refuse for the black orbs to turn into it.

My Secrets Are...

Things you don’t need to know about

I Believe...

I believe that there is a God, place your own interpretations of what he is what it is no comparison to the inexplicable truth of what God is.