Vesper Vasilisa {The Vice}

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The female name Vasilisa is of Greek origin (Greek: ?????????, basilissa), a title similar to “queen” or “empress”. It is the feminine form of Vasily,

Moroi are benevolent vampires. Opposed to the Strigoi, they are alive, mortal and born.



Characteristics Edit

Moroi are said to be very beautiful. Moroi’s skin is described as being very pale and their bodies are slim and tall. Moroi are much taller and slimmer than humans. Standing next to their Dhampir guardians they look very pale, very tall, but also less muscular.


Due to their slim bodies, female Moroi in general have smaller breasts and slimmer hips These traits attract the attention of Moroi males. Moroi females and males are described as possessing a supernatural beauty. They have a pair of fangs that do not retract,



Most Moroi do not feel comfortable being in the sunlight, though they still can be outside during the day time. Often Moroi can use magic, . Moroi are not allowed to use their abilities as offensive, only defensive.



Regenerative Healing Factor – Moroi heal easier and quicker than humans, allowing them to recover from injuries quickly so long as they feed.

Enhanced Immune system – Moroi don’t get sick like humans. Ait is unusual for Moroi to get sick or catch viruses.

Enhanced Senses – Moroi have stronger senses of sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch than humans. Moroi are shown to be able to distinguish Vampire/Dhampir/Human blood by taste.

Enhanced Speed – Moroi are faster than humans,

Social Magnetism – Moroi , are known to be highly charismatic and have an especially alluring quality.

Empathy – Moroi are very empathic creatures.

Limited Darkness Adaptation – Moroi prefer to be active at night, helped by their strong vision.

Limited Daytime walking – Moroi are able to walk in sunlight, but the sun weakens them and makes them uncomfortable.

Supernatural Beauty – Moroi are known to be highly attractive. They are immensely beautiful, slim, and tall; their skin is pale.

Hunger Resistance – Moroi do not have to kill in order to feed, unlike Strigoi who always kill their bite victims, and instead feed in small non-lethal increments.




Who Am I...

If you do not know then You do not need to know.

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Reine DuSang

My Story Is...

Vesper was not like other Moroi . She was rebellious and never stuck to the rules. She felt humans were always below her even though her kind unlike the Strigoi were rather alike. She felt no need to hold back her instincts even though her kind naturally could resist the thirst. Her love of hemomancy  was also something forbidden by her clan due to its dark nature. And soo she was driven out at a young age. It did not matter. She was her own person. Even if she was of a royal bloodline. So she ventered out on her own.

She fed and fed whenever she needed to. Thankfully her bloodline made it much easier to blend into the mortal world. Being able to not need as much blood and walk in the day had its perks. Though her very pale skin and slender frame did make other wonder if she was a very young woman. But her frail and young appearance made it all the more easy to lure her prey when she needed. She settled in a town and started to gather more exiles as well as some other Strigoi and wondering vampires of other clans  and formed her own clan known as La Marque de l’Enfer {The Mark of Hell} They in time took over the town. Isolated from the rest of the world. They over time slowly built it up into modern day.

Her skills in blood manipulation and power as a vampire grew vaslty in the ages that gone by. As did her influence in the towns and cities around her new home. Drugs, prostitution, assassinations, There was few crimes she would not handle. She wanted it all. Of course the vampire hierarchy did not take kindly to her operations.  A small but silent war broke out in the darkness of this underworld she created. And soon enough she was taken prisoner. She was drained of enough blood to weaken her and keep her still and placed a sun lit cell. But of course she would not let this all end.

Her right hand man known only as “The Vice.” gathered what was left of her best men and a plan was made. Infiltrate the prison she was held in. get her free get out. Though of course she had her own plans as well. Once they were infiltrated and she was set free Vesper killed one of her own men for blood and went on a bloody rampage. She Sent Vice to open all the cells and kill every the end all that was left was the free prisoners and herself and her men. With a smile on her face she asked them to join her…those who did not were killed. Her prison was now her base of operations. la Marque de l’Enfer was stronger then ever and was once a local crime gang now became a full blown syndicate. And she was far from done. She took the city back…now she wanted the kingdom.

My Appearance


User can create, shape and manipulate blood of oneself, others or from their surroundings, whether it be from blood-banks, hospitals, or battlefields.


Blood Attacks
Blood Clotting
Blood Consumption
Blood Generation
Blood Marionette of yourselves or others.
Blood Solidification
Death Inducement
Neurocognitive Deficit by reversing the flow of blood to cause unconsciousness.
Haemokinetic Constructs
Manipulate the properties of blood.

Blood Property Manipulation
Density Manipulation

Dermal Armor by increasing the density of the blood.

Prehensile Blood
StrengthSpeedStamina, and Regeneration by increasing the flow of blood.


Blood Absorption: To be able to absorb blood from others.
Blood Aura: To surround oneself in blood.
Blood Cloning: To create clones of themselves by using blood.
Blood Empowerment: To be empowered and vitalized by blood.
Blood Link: To be linked to others by blood.
Blood Mimicry: To mimic the properties of blood.
Blood Portal Creation: To create portals out of ones own blood.
Blood Pressure Manipulation: To manipulate the pressure and flow of blood inside bodies.
Blood Propulsion: To propel one’s self using blood.
Blood Sugar Manipulation: To manipulate the blood sugar inside bodies.
Blood Teleportation: To teleport through blood.
Blood Transformation: To transform matter into blood.
Blood Transfusion: To inject one’s blood into others.
Drowning: To drown a target with large quantities of blood.
Haemokinetic Combat: To infuse blood in physical combat.
Haemomancy: To use divination with blood as a medium.
Haemopotent Regeneration: To regenerate oneself using blood.
Haemopotent Replication: To replicate powers with blood as a medium.
Healing Blood: To heal by using blood.
Thermovariance: To boil targets blood.