“Greetings fellow Crewmates! My name is SusBus! Well.. it isnt! I am known by the code on my helmet lining, 19 21 19 2 21 19! Which when turned into letters gives me the name SusBus! A little ridiculous, as I’ve been told.. Anyway! As a crewmate, it is our job to complete tasks around our galactic station, air base, and our land quarters.”

Who Am I...

19 – 21 – 19 – 2 – 21 – 19

My Appearance

Cyan suited astronaut.


S U S B U S is commonly in their suit and is rarely ever out of it, they will never been seen in public not wearing it. SusBus is played without a noticable or specified gender, you are all welcome to assume, but they are only given a gender in private roleplays depending on the preference of the person playing with them.


Name Number: 19 21 19 2 21 19Name Number > Letters: S U S B U SEarth Name: [Redacted]Race: CaucasianSpecies: HumanGender: [Redacted]Age: 22Height: 5’6″Weight: 149lbsEye Color: CyanHair color: Blonde


SusBus if female

Hair Style: Long hair with cyan highlights.

Physique: Dainty, slender hourglass frame.



Susbus if Male

Hair Style: Short, spiked up with cyan highlight in front.

Physique: Toned, subtly built.


>HelmetSusBus’s helmet comes with a solid, tented black visor and a communications module attached to the right side of the cyan colored dome. By pressing down on a switch this allows them to speak. The speaker is old and thus crackles and buzzes with static, if left on for too long it begins to pop and break up until the button is let off of. On the left side of the dome there is another button, when pressed it raises the visor. Inside of the helm there is a respirator that goes over the face of the wearer which provides air through the pack on the back of their suit.

>RespiratorThe pack on the back of SusBus’s suit holds an ventilator which filters radiation and pollution from the air, this is also outdated and old. This becomes an issue only when exasperated where breathing becomes elevated to the point of hyperventilating, the respirators faulty wiring and tubes dont hold well.

>SuitIt is composed of a pressure bladder of urethane-coated nylon. A restraining layer of Dacron and an outer thermal garment composed of Neoprene-coated nylon. It also has five layers of aluminized Mylar and a fabric surface layer composed of Teflon, Kevlar, and Nomex. A standard space suit.

>Chest ModuleWhat’s that little box on their chest? Well it comes with this blocky, yet convenient little device and when you hit that little button on it, it reports emergencies. When an emergency is reported a little light will pop up on the reporters module, allowing those to know who set it off. Those who are active crew will receive a distinct alarm that goes off for a few brief moments on this device, alerting them to report to the designated meeting room.

My Secrets Are...

“I dont have any secrets.”

I Believe...

"I'm innocent."