Stevie Vicious


Stepheinos Vitiosus

Who Am I...

Professional Incubus / Hell's Honeypot

Romantic Interests

Men, Women… Those that fall in-between.

Relationship Status

Open Relationships with many, many, many partners

My Story Is...

I was bred and born in Hell, raised in Hell, and now I work from Hell.


As a demon, what I do is basically enter the homes of the unsuspecting victims that are close to being damned to eternal suffering, and I tempt them into sex. Sometimes I have to use more force, but either way, once they begin to give in to the pleasures and torment I offer, they are forever damned, and their souls belong to me.


And then, when they die, we get to be together forever. Them, in perpetual suffering in the fires of their own lust, me stoking the flames of those fires further.


It is all very romantic, when you think about it. In a tragic way.


I’m also an espionage agent of sorts. If there’s forces on the “Other Side” AKA Heaven, the Church (in all of its many forms), other religious pantheons, and so on that are of interest to Hell, I’m supposed to wiggle in and find information. Aaaand maybe use my wiles to win over people to serve the purpose of Hell. It’s called honey trapping, honey.


My Appearance

Yes, I’m very pretty.


My body.

My Secrets Are...

Why would I have those?

I Believe...

My job is fun.