Springtrap/ Zoey clover

Intro Video


“I..I always come back… but you William…YOU WILL NEVER COME BACK..”

Who Am I...

Brown furred dog girl/ former night guard/ springlock victim

Romantic Interests

I..I just want to be loved…. it's all I a..ask..

Relationship Status

I.. I'm all alone..

My Story Is...

The corpse and soul of a young night guard of Fredbear’s family diner this poor girl met her demise at the hands of William Afton who raped before killing her by stuffing her in a spring lock suit… but she came back.. fueled by hate and vengeance…

In life this girl’s name was Zoey clover…

My Appearance

Before death

A happy female dog with brown and white fur and green eyes.

After death and reanimation


Old plush

Old lighter

Spare parts


My Secrets Are...

Too personal to tell..

I Believe...

In nothing.. but pain and loneliness..