Victoria winters

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Character can change, just request new one for a new RP if the character on my profile page does not fit.

Who Am I...

24 year old russian woman who escaped to America with new identity…

Romantic Interests

Dominant, business suit wearing men, medium length hair, dark pasts, intelligence, attitude, mysterious, interesting, eccentric, rebels, powerful people, rain, idk

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Born and raised in Russia by parents who were apart of some russian gang and what not, eventually their detainment led to her being raised by brothel women, she has experienced traumas and let downs from the beginning, eventually she decided to leave that life and become an illegal hit man for a big mafia man..

she was so good that he overpaid her and she was able to live a set life, as long as everything was a secret.  She used the skills she learned to manipulate men sexually during her time in the brothel to excel in her career and get everything she needed to add and maintain her success.

One mission she had to spend a lot of time undercover with a rival of her boss and he ended up falling in love with her and having an affair with Victoria. Victoria was in denial about her complicated love interest, no one had ever loved her the way he did, yes her boss gave every glimpse of professional attention to Victoria and treated her like a valuable daughter in his family but that was not enough for her to understand real exchanges of love respect and passion for  one human to another.  She retrieved the information that her boss wanted but that wasn’t enough her boss wanted him out of the way because he was soaking up all the business and in his way, he wanted him dead. So he was murdered by another one of Victoria’s colleagues. Her losing that love has caused her trust to be blackened.

after that she savagely murdered many men for her boss, in debt to him for sabotaging the mafia. as time went on she had many relations and came in contact with many other strong and powerful gang and business men and obtained multitudes of secrets from all over the world including information and secrets from her own boss and suddenly went M.I.A and ended up in america…

now fearing for her life she tries to maintain unsuspicious and lead a normal life learning the american dream unsure if the next person she meets isn’t a visitor to reconcile her wrong doings..

My Appearance

1. Long black hair, pale skin, purple-ish blue eyes, petite with hourglass figure, wears all black shorts with knee high stilettos and a black tank top when casual






2. when in rich/fancy dress she wears a fitted black dress down to her knees with black stilettos and a crimson scarf with straight black hair hanging down and red lipstick.


Hand gun, knife, lipstick, paraphernalia in a vile hidden between cleavage, huge stash of burner phones.

My Secrets Are...

– slept with the enemy assassins who were super hardcore.
-used to be an assassin
-still has top secret information in her house that no one knows she has.

-is really fearful of her life even though she does not show it.

I Believe...

Life is never easy. no one is here to help you only to hinder your success, in the end it is just you and only about you.



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