Arnora Ivar


My mothers name is Wanda. From what I have heard she is a kind women. She is still alive but she abandoned me when I was just a babe. My childhood wasn’t like normal childhoods, I was raised by monks and taught by many different assassins.

My fathers name is Pilsner from what I heard he’s a war man and he’s really tough skin. He’s still alive but he also abandon me when I was a baby. My parents were all that I had and as a babe I depended on them. Well not anymore.

my brothers name is fizengaurd from what I know he is a worshipper of thor and he’s kind is a berserker (warrior born). He is really nice to people he learns to trust and has a hard time expressing his feelings. I met him a day before my 21st birthday.

Who Am I...

Arnora ivar, mistress of evil, warrior of the light, rogue

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Married to Azriel

My Story Is...

When I was younger, a baby I was left in the snow by my parents. I don’t know why but I grew up learning not to trust them. Not to to trust anyone. As I was laying there in the snow crying loudly, my eye caught something or rather someone. It was a monk, rather the leader of all monks. He took me in and taught me everything I knew and even taught me how to control my powers. On my 25th birthday I found my parents and brother. I learned that I had another brother other then Fizen. His name is Gabriel. I also learned that my ice powers comes from a symbol marked by the frost giant queen, this mark was made by a deal between my mother and the queen. See I died when I was just a baby and when my mother found this out she started to do everything in her power and knowledge to bring me back. So the only thing she could do was take me to the frost giant and make a deal. They brought me back to life with the winds of winter. This means my birthday is now on the winter solstice and I also have ice power. (WIP)

My Appearance

Age: 25 (stopped aging there.)

Height: 5’6

weigth: 120 lb

Hair: blonde

Eyes: light blue.



Elemental manipulation

Dragon form



hand to hand combat


weather manipulation