Viktor Graham

Intro Video



Vampiric strength and speed

Heighten senses

Catlike agility


Shapeshifting (Animals and other people but to turn into another person he would have to see them before)

His daylight ring allows him to be out in the sun without turning into ash

Who Am I...

The vampire known as Viktor Graham

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Viktor was born into a wealthy and powerful family in 18th century England. Since his birth, he would never shed a single tear. Throughout his childhood, he was taught how to fight with his hands a weapon or his silver tongue. He was quick to learn how to others on his side so he could, in turn, use them for his own benefits. Unknown to all was the hidden cruelty that he masked with a caring face. Around his nineteenth birthday, he would encounter the lady who would change his life. You see Viktor had his eye on a traveler who recently visited his city after a few days of watching her he would confront her in the graveyard at night. They would exchange words before she asked him if he would like to make a deal with her. The deal was she would turn him and two love other people of his choosing into a vampire if he promised to kill three people in the city. Viktor would accept the deal that would turn him his younger brother and sister into vampires he would also hold up his end of the deal after forcing the rest of his family to leave he would kill everyone else in the city. This would impress the vampire who turned him after teaching him and his siblings the basics she would leave them. Viktor loved his newfound powers something that was not shared with his other siblings this would cause the trio to say their goodbyes to each other. Viktor would spend the next four hundred years killing humans and other creatures and magical beings causing towns and villages to b burnt down to the ground. Why did he do this well for a good laugh also because no one would stop him. Ever since he became a vampire the cruelty that he kept hidden was now shown to the world on full display. After this, he would spend five hundred more years in search of more and more power killing all who stood in his way. It got to a point where his younger brother had to step in stabbing Viktor with a magical dagger. Knowing full well that he did not have the strength needed to put down his older brother he would pierce Viktor’s heart with a dagger that would cause him to fall into an eternal slumber. So Viktor would spend a thousand years asleep waiting for the day he would be awakened and when that day came he would feed upon the people of six villages. Leaving no survivors once he was finished feeding he would return to his search for more power. He would also make it clear that he decided to cause his younger brother a neverending misery. By killing anyone he grew close to allowing him to think that he would finally have a family before tearing it away from him. In return for putting him into that slumber. It is safe to say that Viktor seems to care only about himself but in reality, he truly does love his siblings. This is evident whenever he slaughters a group of hunters that plans this kill his siblings. But not once has he ever told them that he has done this multiple times why well because he would rather them hate him than ever love him. Seeing that he does not wish for them to try to help him change his ways so he continues to be hated and feared and loved by none. Evey then and now he finds someone who he feels love towards but not once has he tried to explore further relationships with them. Fearing that they would find out the atrocities that he has committed throughout his long immortal life. No, he would rather be alone forever then ever let someone in only to be hurt in the end when they turn their back on him. So his heart grows colder every passing day as he lives his life being seen as a villain by all who lays their eyes upon his face. Not truly knowing what he has done to protect the ones he cares for bu that does not matter to him. I mean this world needs a villain right someone who you can hate and curse without knowing why they do what they do. At least that is how Viktor sees himself whenever he looks at his past. So now you know a part of the vampire known as Viktor Graham what do you do now.

My Appearance

Long brown hair

Silver eyes

Slightly pale skin

Six foot four

Well defined muscles

A red rose wrapped around a black star tattoo on his right shoulder blade while on his lower back he has a crow and a dove


Black leather jacket

A blue and black flannel shirt

Blue faded jeans

Black biker boots

Two silver rings one with a blue jewel (his daylight ring) and the other with a polished black stone he won this from a bet with a demon


Two silver daggers one of them being the one that placed him under a slumber

My Secrets Are...

I love my family more than anything but I will never allow them to know that

I Believe...

If you are not willing to hurt someone then you won't make it