Ville Hermani Lokison

Who Am I...

I am a musician, a Goth, apparently a demi-god too.

Romantic Interests

If he will have me, I hope to marry my longtime boyfriend Henri.

Relationship Status

My heart and soul, Henri

My Story Is...

I was living the very happy life of a successful musician and Love Metal singer when I was told that the God of Mischief, Loki, is my birth father. Imagine how shocked I was! Things have been up, mostly down, but eventually some sort of normalcy happened. But no child of Loki really has a normal life. Magic is a pain in my butt but apparently I inherited a lot.

I was adopted and my adopted parents became terrified of me once they saw I could do magic. I got out of the house as a toddler to play in the snow. I was only wearing a diaper so my adopted mom rushed to get me. When I touched her, I burned her and she became fearful of me. Eventually, both adopted parents wanted me gone, I got resentful, burned down our home and they threw me out. Loki, who put me with them for safety, was no where to be found.

I met my birth mother years later and discovered why I couldn’t be placed with her. She’s mentally unbalanced.

So now, from that hot mess we have me, a demi-god who just wants to make music but needs to control his magic. I have two kids, a son and a daughter.

My Appearance

When I bathe I smell exquisite. Other times, my beanie covers a totally frizzy mess or greasy hair. People say I resemble a vampire, but that’s not on purpose. It’s natural. I like my tattoos and tend to wear my pants low on my hips to show off my favorite tattoo.


Guitars, Bass guitars, drum set, lots and lots of things I collect…taxidermy. My tower home and my second home with a photo and recording studio. I suppose one day I will have to warm up to magical things but I’m resisting that until it is absolutely necessary.

My Secrets Are...

pretty much in the open. I don’t have many secrets because I honestly don’t know how to shut the hell up. Talk to me long enough and you will know everything about me.

I Believe...

Love is the most beautiful thing in this world but it can also be the most destructive thing too.