Vincalis Grimm


Name: Vincalis

Title: The Huntsman.  The Grimm Hunter.

Partner: Red Hood

Abilities: Immortality. Heightened physical attributes [strength, speed, constitution, etc.] Heightened senses. Photographic memory and reflexes. Accelerated healing.

Original Powers: Pin point teleportation. Able to teleport himself and others long distances, as well as being able to open up a rift to a small pocket reality where he keeps weapons and tools from which he can call at will. Line of sight teleportation of objects.

Evolved Powers: As with all Grimm, Vincalis’ powers evolved over the years. At first a mere teleporter, his opening of rifts became the ability to actually create small realms. These realms ranged from small enough to hold a fruit, to large enough to house a small village, the area of effect growing ever larger as he grew more powerful. Not only could he store physical objects, but energy as well. This allowed him to create small and large scale spells, and trap them within their own small realm until he was ready to let them loose whenever he wanted, or needed them, summoning them from those realms at the speed of thought. The number of realms of any given size that he could create and sustain at once also grows steadily.

There was once an old storyteller who had the power to temporarily make his stories come to life. His name was Janus Grimm. Back then there were monsters everywhere, Vampire Lords, Werewolf clans other beasts and the such, and to protect his village, he’d create heroes and other beasts to keep the darkness at bay.

Wanting him out of the way, and knowing that some of his own villagers feared him, a council of dark creatures made a deal with the villagers, burn Janus at the stake for being one of “them” under the promise of being left alone. The villagers agreed, and captured their would be hero, betraying him in the process. When Janus died, his power didn’t die with him, instead it gave his creations permanent life, and immortality as long as they protected the book he’d originally used to create them, or more specifically, the page that he first wrote down the full idea of a particular character from.

The only way to truly destroy the pages were to get them together, break the spell cast by Jonus’ death, and destroy the book. So the creations, collectively calling themselves the Grimm, each removed their own page from the book, and hid it somewhere amongst the realms to keep them apart and safe. They’re physical bodies could die, but they would sooner or later regenerate as long as the pages existed.

While Janus didn’t wish revenge upon those who betrayed him, his creations still held a deep seeded resentment towards both humans and none Grimm monsters alike, deciding to create an order that would one day grow to appose them both. Under the leadership of “The Puppet”, The Grimm set out to make sure their will be done, though what that will is, only the Grimm themselves know. In modern times they have become The Grimm Corporation, their hands reaching almost every industry, good, bad, or ugly.

For millennia the Grimm operated in the shadows, working in three paired shifts five hundred years active, three hundred years inactive.  During his ‘time off’, Vincalis, known as the Grimm Hunter, as well as the Huntsman from many of Janus’ stories, traveled the realms in search of his own adventures, and hunts worthy of being sought out by him.  During his travels he happened upon a dark realm ruled by The Dragon Goddess Reisha.  In her he found a friend, companion, and a reason to fight and die outside of just his Grimm Brethren.  He cherished his time with Reisha and her Court, living in her realm until one day he heard a call.  It wasn’t his time to return to The Grimm Corporation, but the call was strong enough that he could not ignore it.

Heeding the call he returned to his own realm to find that it wasn’t any of the other Grimm who had sent out the call, but their Father, their God Janus.  Though Janus’ body had perished, his essence was that of a celestial, and was eternal.  His mortal death had released him back into the eternal cycle, having been sealed away by one of the three Controllers, God Father of Light, because The Eternal Storyteller’s power had been dangerous to his plans.  Leaving a part of his essence within his creation, The Puppet, Janus cultivated his children, The Grimm, so that not only would they continue to thrive in his absence, but later be able to help him when he needed it.

Janus’ essence had been called to the side of another trapped Celestial, a girl named Violet Vellos, who had the potential to grow into a power that rivaled the three controllers, and thus had been captured by Yjarl Father of The Abyss.  It was Janus’ essence that kept Violet sane in her dark prison, keeping her company, protecting her mind, sharing his endless stories until a time came that he could free her.  Janus continued to watch his children grow through The Puppet, and when he knew they were ready, he called The Grimm to War and they answered.

Violet had been imprisoned in one of Yjarl’s great abyssal realms, Nul’gotha, protected by seven of his children, whom he named the Wriven, beings of great power twisted, and corrupted to Yjarl’s will.  However, even Yjarl had been unaware of Janus’ presence the entire time, allowing the Storyteller to prepare his children for conflict with the Wriven.  Though lead by the powerful Lord Xenaelle, once the Greek God Zeus, now twisted by Yjarl’s will into a wraith-like creature of the abyss, the Wriven were caught off guard by The Grimm, and the power that Janus had cultivated within them.

The War was long, and violent, destroying much of Nul’Gotha in the process, but in the end, with the help of Vincalis’ ability to create pocket realms wherever he wished, Janus was able to free Violet, who thanked Janus by once again giving him a physical form, and returning Grimm who had perished in the war to life.  Escaping Yjarl’s realm and returning to Eden, Violet was welcomed home by her family, as was Janus, whom Violet had grown to live, and he her.  Janus in turn freed his children from the chains that had bound them in their father’s shadow for so long, leaving them free of any duty they had felt to him so that they could live their own lives.

With his brethren free to pursue their own destinies, Vincalis bid them farewell and sought to find his way back to Reisha’s realm, wondering how much had changed since he’d been gone.

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