Vincent Bloodshade

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True form. Face claim Devil Jin

Who Am I...

Vincent Bloodshade, last of the bloodshade pure blood Vampires

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My Story Is...

Born to high born blood shade vampire parents, a coven of vampire that were the daywalker vampire guardians of the Dracul family in Transylvania. After the Dracul family disappeared, hunters began to kill the coven until there was only Vincent and his sister Zola. They traveled by portal to Hellifyno and found a village of Vampires. One day during the war Vincent was scouting to see how bad the war was getting when soldiers of Olde Watch slaughtered the village cause they thought the vampires would tip the scale in the war in the mystical creature’s favor so they killed them.  Vincent returned to the village to find his sister tied to a cross with a stake in her heart. He still detests he Olde Watch but won’t provoke anything cause it won’t bring back his sister but one day he will get his revenge if they step out of line. He is 186,876 years old

He was lured to a place called the Hungry world where a demon known as Zharroth ruled he tortured the group he was with and Vince tried everything to prevent it but failed.

During the void crisis, the male went into a slumber as he is the last of his bloodline.

My Appearance

A 7’4″ tall male.


Vincent and Zola

Dragoon armor


Weapons appear from Dark matter.