~Madison Black~



I am a Lycan with multiple different powers mainly held in my claws and fangs, i can use them for healing those who need it most but there is a consequence to the healing, a little while after I heal someone I will feel the same pain they felt but it can’t kill me. I can use them to poison my enemies making them die a slow and painful death there is no cure to this poison apart from if I heal them myself and most times that isn’t going to happen.

Romantic Interests

Both Men and Women

Relationship Status

Engaged to Charity

My Story Is...


Chapter 1- The Beginning


Hey I’m Madison and I’m a Lycan i was born a Lycan, and so was my brother Jacob you may have heard of him but this story isn’t about him it is about me. So my mother was turned by a scratch and then had both me and my brother quite early in life so we got to grow up and learn how to control our powers with her.


Two baby wolves having a good time : aww


Chapter 2- The Training


With me and my brother both being werewolves my mother and father had a lot of struggles trying to train us when we were growing up, we would always fight over who was strongest or who’s wolf looked the coolest stupid arguments that all siblings go through but we got through it and now we are both alphas of different packs and are still very friendly but live very different lives.


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Chapter 3- The Fight for Alpha


I became an alpha quite young but it didn’t come easy I had to battle a very powerful wolf who was running our pack unfairly so I decided to fight him for the position if I lost I would also lose my place in the pack so I fought hard and it paid off I am now a powerful alpha of my pack with respect from every member of the pack.


The wolves within - The Alpha Next Door


Chapter 4- Meeting Charity


So this is the story of how I met the love of my life. I and charity don’t have the most romantic story of how we met but it’s our story, one night I went to my local bar where I usually perform some of my songs and I saw a beautiful woman sat at the bar so I chose to approach her and sit next to her introducing myself and we got to talking and when she heard my name she wanted me to perform immediately so i did and as i saw the spark in her eyes i fell for her and i fell hard. so i took her back to my place to make her some food, a few things may have happened but the most important was the way she kissed me it felt like everything at that moment disappeared around us and it was just me and her.


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Chapter 5- Engagement


A few weeks maybe even months later i took her to the top of a mountain where i earlier had set up a dinner for us to eat, she wore a breathtaking white dress and golden heels to match it. after the dinner, i pulled out a ring box from my purse and got down on one knee, asked her to marry me and she said yes! I then found out she could do magic and i soon got her pregnant. Whoops?


Galerie | Ton Barbier


Chapter 6- Dylan


It was bound to be a very fast pregnancy since I was a Lycan and when I found out she was pregnant I panicked I was so young and I wasn’t ready but she calmed me and I knew that when the day came I would know what to do, so the days blended and she went into labour, it was a big shock that it was so soon but after hours of pain our son was brought into the work and id never been so happy in my entire as the woman I loved held our child tears fell down my cheeks and my life felt complete at the moment.


My Appearance


Human form:


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Wolf form:


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Jacobs Human Form:


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Jacobs Wolf Form:



Dylan Human Form:


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Dylans Wolf Form:


(Too young to learn powers yet)


Amy Human Form:

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Amy Wolf Form:

(Too young to learn powers yet)