Virak Iga Koryo


My race: Kitsune

Humanoid fox originating from Rokugon (Feudal mystic Japan).

Who Am I...

First of my name and the last of my clan. A tea peddler and friend. A problem solver for hire…depending on my mood. For my friends and enemies who learn, I am a shinobi, samurai, gambler and a business man. I am the master of my craft and trade. Do business with me to learn more.

Romantic Interests

The beautiful daughter of Loki. (Not present for now.)

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

I have been loyal to my former master, betrayed by him and my former wife. As a shinobi it was my duty to serve my lord, as a man I serve my self now.

Scars are all that remain of my past. My skills and talents made into tools for my future. First as a hired killer, then as a tradesman. Now, a bit of both with nowhere to call home save for my tea shops littered throughout the world.

I have had my hardships. Been hurt physically and emotionally. I’ve lost my right eye, had my left leg destroyed in an explosion. Both replaced, my eye more than it one was and my leg back to normal but pains me at odd times.

My story takes me to new places, worlds and realms in search of excitement. And possibly business ventures. Maybe, just maybe a little trouble for a bit of fun.

My Appearance

A humanoid red fox standing at full height of 6′ 7″.

Deep hazel eyes with hints of jade in the moonlight. His right eye has been replaced due to damage and is covered by an eyepatch of fine leather and padded silk.

His clothes are tradesman attire. A three piece suit often of slacks, shirt, vest and long coat. All fitted for comfort, and tactical use. Inner pockets and damage resistant weave making it just as useful as light armor.

Of course always nice dress shoes to go with the suit.



Hindo’s Doom: Relic Katana, Divine

Body/Coat harness of 4 katana scabbards.

4 Shadow Steel Katana: Stronger and lighter than steel. Can bypass resistances.

Multi function jade headed dragon cane: Switches on the head of the cane activate the small mechanism allowing it to extend two blades. Certain small switches allow for partial release or full. Turning the cane either into a kusari-gama, short spear, hand scythe or some combination of the former. The cane is reinforced ivory and cherry wood, strands of adamantine/adamantium making it near indestructible. Not to mention it completes the suit wearing business fox look wonderfully.


Shinobi tools: Kunai, shuriken, smoke bombs/pellets, choke powder and poisons.

Philosopher’s Stone/Ultimate Right Eye: His right eye has been replaced with a alchemical and sorcerous optic organ that also acts as a enhancer. It allows for cognitive processing unlike any mortal being. Reflexes and endurance to match with a speed and strength boost. It does not make him immortal, just allows the kitsune to function on par with creatures usually more powerful than he. His right eye is always hidden under his eyepatch unless in use or by some means removed.

My Secrets Are...

Something you will have to find out other that I can fit into any timeline needed for play.