Nera Luciferson-Wildflame


Nero: Gray Angel Knight

Who Am I...

Nero D. Luciferson-Wildflame; One of Lucifer’s many Offspring and Spouse to Zayn Wildflame

Romantic Interests

All Genders

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Nero is the first son of Lucifer that survived the infant stage.  He lived many a millinium on his Earth. He was the strongest Being in Hell as he was a rare tribrid. He was the mix of a Neko, Angel and Demon. The Angel and Demon parts of him from his father of course and his Neko side from his mother as she was a Neko-Human hybrid. One day he went to the mortal realm of his Earth and decided to cause havoc, but what he didn’t know was that the angels and good witches/wizards were waiting for that day ever since his birth had been spread throughout the planet. He was then banished to a different planet many, many galaxies far away from his home. He had crashed on Hellfrinyo and remained unconcious for months as his soul and body were trying to mend itself. As his sould healed, it split into two other souls. The two other souls were the other parts of him. The Demon soul took on the name Vix, while his Neko side took the name Hex. Vix is a blood demon, while Hex is a Snowy Neko. Once Nero finally woke from his half year slumber, he had no memory from his past. He roamed the planet unaware of where he was or what his life used to be. He then met Marcus and they travelled the planet together causing micheif, slight chaos and having parties in local bars. Though Nero only had the body and mind set of a eighteen year old so he never drank. He then came accross the Red Sun Inn with Marcus.

My Appearance

Scruffy Snow White Hair that doesn’t get past his/her shoulders

Snow White Neko Ears and Tail. Tail has a Cherry Pink Ribbon with a Golden Bell

Blue-Cyan Eyes

Slightly Tanned Skin

Slender/Petite Figure

Male Height: 5’11

Female Height: 5’6


Usually: A pocket knife. Also a book

My Secrets Are...

He/She is British-American

His/Her middle name: Danilo

I Believe...

That everyone is equal, no matter your gender identity, sexual preference, skin color & etc.