Vivian Blackwood

Intro Video


Able to use soul elemental and blood magic



Control over shadow magic



Who Am I...

A witch

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Vivian Blackwood at first she was nothing special just a low-rank witch but that would change for she would use everything she had to gain more power if she had to steal power from others so be it. Soon she would be a high-ranking witch she even had her own coven known as the silver feathers. Now that she had her power she would turn her attention to wealth this would come easy you see she is very greedy. And when she finds something that she wants she will stop at nothing to have it in her possession. And so she would find herself swimming in wealth she had everything or did she yes she had both immense power and wealth but with it came loneliness she craved for somebody to hold her share a bed with her. Sadly she has yet to find that special somebody.

My Appearance

Light blue eyes

Fair skin 

Long wavy brown hair

Gifted beauty


Blue silk shirt

Black silk pants

Black heels 


Silver necklace with an old magical re gemstone


Her staff

My Secrets Are...

Why would I tell them

I Believe...

If you want to be a somebody than you will have to hurt others