Who Am I...

I am Void. I am a dark, slender Assassin with intent on destroying evil.

My Story Is...

After my sister was born, my parents forced me to an orphanage, but I never stayed long, with me in and out of orphanages, with no place to go, eventually getting thrown out on to the streets, learning to live on my own. One day, I was sitting in an alley, watching the birds fly by when my eye caught an old man. I followed this man with my eyes as he began to cross the road, but I saw several thugs who approached him and beat him nearly to death. I grabbed a crowbar and beat the thugs off of him, finally chasing them off. When I asked the old man if he was ok, he told me he would trade a life for a life. Thats when he held his hand to me, cursing me to dark magic. he told me to only use it for good. Right after this, the old man died in my arms. Im now 17, and I watch over my village, making sure no one else will get hurt.

My Appearance

6 foot 1. I have solid black hair, short on the sides and wear a long black leather coat.


I have a small dagger hidden beneath, backed up by a spear with a short, wide tip at the front. I carry the spear on a strap on my back.

My Secrets Are...

I once lost control of the magic while walking in a public crowd, unleashing anger field with anxiety. During this attack, I killed a little girl, whom I later figured out was my little sister. This is the main cause for the sinister dark morality of me.

I Believe...

You do good things, no matter how dirty you get your hands. I also do not believe in using guns in combat.