Who Am I...

Voodoo, nice to meetcha!

Romantic Interests

Eh, I'm Omnisexual (Search it up!)

My Story Is...

I was born June 11th 2000 in Canberra and left my strict and restraining family when I was 17, it wasn’t out of edge or hatrid, just longing to see the stars. I travelled far and wide, finding myself a place in England, writing and illustrating books.

My Appearance

A slightly pale Australian female with starry green eyes and long brown hair I wear sage greens and other mild toned colours. My fingers are thin and strengthened from writing and drawing, as well as playing piano. I am left handed, my right arm being injured in a gunfight when I was 18.


A check list, scarf, and just a bit of everything.

My Secrets Are...

Well, seeing others cry and crumble is interesting for me. Just.. The pain on their faces as they try to hold onto their sanity, eyes full of betrayal and hurt. Whoops… got a little deep there!

I Believe...

That if you want to do something, do it. Do it with courage, and determination.