Private First Class Kyle E. "Wadkill" Wadkins

Who Am I...

Private Kyle E. "Wadkill" Wadkins

Romantic Interests


My Story Is...

I am fresh out of high school enrolled in the Marine Corps Recon Sniper Training School and went into the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion by recommendation from General John R. “Cyclone” Adams. Hoping to maybe make it to his status someday.

My Appearance

6 foot tall out of battle always wears a Marine Corps uniform


M40 sniper rifle the caliber of weapon is 7.62 times 55mm NATO, it is a bolt action sniper rifle, the length of the rifle is 43.97 in long, the barrel length is 660mm, the weight of the rifle is 14.48lb, the ammo clip it holds is a 5 round integral box magazine, the maximum effective range is 800 meters but I have shot it at 1000 meters though, and finally the muzzle velocity is 2550 f/s

My Secrets Are...

Very high scores on GPA out of high school had offers to go to Harvard for Mechanical Engineering.

I Believe...

One shot, One kill