Alexis Jones

Who Am I...

I'm Alexis, but I can be called Alex or Lexi, whichever one sounds better to you. 19 years old and I am a basic human with telekinesis. I'm also really good with knives and guns. Ive taught my own self every move and ability I know. As for me… You may never really know who I am because… i still dont know that myself. You just never know what to expect from me. I think I like that. Yeah… i like that. I also don't really like rules though. You arent truly free if youre restricted in any way. Yeah… i dont like rules.

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status

Honestly who the fuck knows.

My Story Is...

My child hood was pretty normal. No my parents didn’t hide the fact that I wasn’t normal. No magical/demon beast tried to murder the few that I only love when I was a toddler. No i wasnt found in the middle of a road in the casket when I was an infant. My parents arent that weird either. My mother has telepathy (I could never sneak and do shit, she always read me like a book), and my father could roast any ex-boyfriend of mine with just the fire that erupted from his palms. A fiesty man he is. Living in this universe where anything is possible, like fairies, assassins, demons, shape shifters, any magical creature you can think of is pretty amazing though. We live in a nice moderate sized home. Nothing too fancy. I love it.
Ive definitely had my fair share of battles and combat with different beings. (Ive almost always won though). Ive pretty much fought almost everythingnyou can think of. Demons, fairies, assassins, mighty kings, elves. Everything. I dont look dangerous though and I prefer to keep it that way. Im usually alone, except for the occasional men who try. Other than that, I’m just fighting battles with my mind, my dualies, and my precious little knives. Maybe even awaiting for the special guy in the process.

My Appearance

Stands about 5’4. 150 pounds. Small torso and thick thighs. Light brown skin with dark, long, and curly hair. Olive green eyes that turn light grey during moments when she uses of her telekinesis.
Clothing: Usually something normal/casual when out and about doing normie stuff. But when in battle with someone or something I have a white body suit on, similar to the one belong. I also have thigh garters equipped to carry my precious cargo.


•Dual Pistols
•A bunch of hand knives
•ALWAYS carrying a bobby pin somewhere… You never know.

My Secrets Are...

None of your goddamn business baby.

I Believe...

That the mind really is the most powerful thing 😉