Walter Sobchak



(Bio has been updated to fit a more modern timeline.)

Walter Sobchak (born June 20, 1972) is an Iraqi War veteran, and The Dude’s best friend and bowling teammate. Born a Polish Catholic, he converted to Judaism when he married his wife, Cynthia. They divorced five years prior to Bunny Lebowski’s disappearance, but he still attempts a relationship with her, remains devoted to Judaism, and even takes care of her Pomeranian while she vacations with her new boyfriend.

His experiences from the Iraqi War have left him mentally unstable and paranoid. He deals with some situations in a passive-aggressive and stubborn manner, while dealing with other situations in a recklessly head-on aggressive manner. He is boisterously confident in his actions, though his plans usually backfire, often ending disastrously. Walter runs his own security firm, Sobchak Security, and places bowling second in reverence only to his religion, as evidenced by his strict rule against bowling on Shabbos.


(Added on to connect him to other rps)

Walter is the cousin of Youtuber, Adam (The Woo) Williams. Walter’s mother is Adam’s father’s sister, and he has been living in the Los Angeles area a lot longer than Adam has. He likes to visit Adam, but Adam- being a kind soul, has a hard time being around the man since Walter curses often and acts recklessly too often for Adam’s liking.

Who Am I...

Iraqi War Vet

Romantic Interests


Relationship Status



Gun, Bowling Ball, Sunglasses

My Secrets Are...

I’m insane

I Believe...

Bowling is LIFE!