Sir Janot/ GSE general/ Sovereign guard leader

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“Sometimes you cannot change the future. You just need to accept it and live. I should know.”


Who Am I...

General of the GSE army, fiancée of Suki Hari, and leader of the Sovereign guard, he most fearsome fighting squadron in all of Hellifyno

Romantic Interests

female, I'm straight, but not against homosexuals.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Janot is the adopted son of Lord Steyr, the first emperor of the GSE. after his father’s death, he was consumed with grief and rage, finding only comfort in his little sister, Akuma. Three years later, he met Suki Hari, and the two quickly fell in love. Another 3 years later, the two had two children and became engaged. He vows to protect the galaxy and his family at any costs, and his story continues to this day

My Appearance

6 foot 9, clad in armor with a horn sticking out of the helm


  saber pike: gift from lord Steyr

the Dark saber: legendary weapon that was given to him by Orion

Personal E-5 blaster rifle: a powerful weapon that Janot uses against medium armored targets

M1911: a handgun Janot was given by Alex


Force wielding: Allows Janot to lift objects with his mind and attack people with unseeable attacks

Future sight: Via meditating, Janot can peer into the future, allowing him to find traitors, threats, and ways to defeat an enemy

Blood Rage: when angered enough, the dark side in Janot will increase and give him incredible strength, speed, and endurance

Bone Claw: Janot has the ability to extend a hooked bone claw from his arm to use as a weapon to use against light/non armored targets


My Secrets Are...

He suffers from anxiety and depression

I Believe...

I am meant to be forgotten



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