Warancanos Jenkins

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“Death won’t stop me from hunting my targets.”


Who Am I...

The fallen god of fire and last alliance soldier from Azeroth

Romantic Interests

female, I'm straight, but not against homosexuals.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Waran is the last of the phoenixes from Azeroth that had fought against the Lich king, up only to ultimately fail. He tends to fight evil vampires that are truely parasites. He serves under lady Lakin as she is the one he loves. His story continues to this day

My Appearance

6 foot 4, clad in scorched armor with 2 wings sticking out of his back



Armor: A suit of armor that allows him to have a large amount of speed and strength, even though he was already quite fast and strong

Shadow Chasers: One of Gaia’s weapons that are so powerful, they can tear a rift in space itself

Kronos’s scythe: the weapon wielded by the father of the gods himself. In Waran’s hands, it is a powerful weapon, in others, it only makes death and chaos

Doombringers: a pair of demon made handguns that can pierce the armor plating of a tank


Fire Control: as the god of fire itself, Waran has the ability to control fire to his whim, allowing him to use it to to many useful things

Blacksmithing: surprisingly, Waran is extremely good at forging and repairing things made out of metal or magic materials Bone Claw: Janot has the ability to extend a hooked bone claw from his arm to use as a weapon to use against light/non armored targets

My Secrets Are...

He suffers from anxiety and depression

I Believe...

I am meant to be forgotten



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