Rast of the Wastes

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The world Rast comes from is far different then most know.  A world ravaged by nuclear war, those who survive do so by scrapping by.  The hard living conditions of this world have forged him into a survivor.  Armed with his parent’s journals he has been able to forage for food, craft various items from the scrap littered landscape, and even work some of the old world technology for his own benefit.  Years of fighting off the mutated beasts of the wastelands have honed him into a trained fighter.  But first he is a survivor, not one to rush recklessly into a fight without thought.


Rast is a mutant both by natural evolution but also by the meddling of man.  From insertion to birth he was altered.  Made to be able to better survive the wastes that he would come to call home.  Physically he resembles a human.  However in terms of strength, endurance, agility and resistances he is closer to superhuman.   A life time wandering has only made these strengths more apparent.  Immune to most forms of radiation he is able to go where others would perish.  It comes at the cost of needing said radiation to survive.  Hence the breathing mask.  Which filters bits of irradiated air into his lungs.  This also means that Rast himself emits radiation in low levels.  Not enough to outright kill someone.  But long term exposure, ie several hours a day over the course of months, one will start to feel the effects.


As for the man himself he does not know much more then anyone else.  The journals his parents kept were more focused on how to survive then on the topic of his raising.  With the journals being the only source of such information as his parent’s died when he was young.   From there he moved from group to group, town to town.  Never remaining in one place for long.  He did not seem to fit in with anyone.  Always more at ease on his own.  Because of this he is not the most social person nor does he stand on etiquette very well.  Speaking his mind more often then not.  Even if it is not the most popular of opinions.   The few friends that he did make however found a stead fast ally.



Who Am I...

Wasteland scavanger

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Long and more worth telling over a glass of clean water then for me to list here.  Want to know more about me then feel free to ask.  You might get an answer.

My Appearance

Height- 5 foot 11 inches


Age- Appears to be in his twenties, but time has not been kind to him

Build- Slim, but athletic.  Packed tight with muscle but slightly underweight.


Eyes- Emerald green, has a faint almost glow to them.


Generally Rast will wear many layers.  Covered from head to toe as his home is a radiated wastes, so any exposed skin runs risk.  Due to the fact that the air is toxic to him he is never seen without a breather.  Not one for fashion, his clothes are chosen based on utility over a desire to impress.


Under the clothes is a tapestry of scars.  In addition to this are places where metal has been bolted to his body in order to keep it from falling apart.  Most notably is his right arm, from elbow to wrist.  The reinforced material serves as both a brace and makeshift shield.




Shriek bat cloak (Sturdy skin like cloak that can be used to glide short distances as well as slow fall.  The skin is flexible giving it resistance to cutting weapons and claws.)


Vials (Usually filled with Ragdog venom.  Potent toxin that paralyzes victims.  Rast has built up an immunity to the venom.  Often used in combination with darts or to coat his makeshift weapon.)


Wrist device.  (Old world tech.  Not fully understood by Rast.  But allows communication as well as some minor utilities such as a map, compass, radar.)


Journals (10 or so small journals written by his parents.  A lifetime of knowledge that they had gathered.  Everything from how to prepare certain foods to be edible to crafting every day items from whatever is at hand.)


Walkman (Old cassette player. Modified to run on solar energy.  Can either be linked to his wrist device or headphones.  Only has a few tapes that still work currently.)

I Believe...

In survival