Having been born into the house of a warrior, one’s intentions should be to grasp the long and the short swords and to die…
-Tsunetomo Yamamoto

Who Am I...

A forlorn man searching for the shadow of his forgotten past

Relationship Status

They come and go, fickle and fleeting as the wind.

My Story Is...

Once a proud samurai under the servitude of a daimyo, a young Hashiba yearned to fulfill a warrior’s duty and die by the sword. Indoctrinated by his superiors in the bushido lifestyle, the boy investigated its matters daily as inspired by his older brother. Nearly blinded by the foreboding fate which dictated his entire life, the young man studied the sword day in, day out, unassumingly enslaved by its rule, until slowly losing sight of what bushido truly entails.


Hashiba’s humbleness dwindled with each passing opponent bested by his katana. He believed true strength could only be determined by the amount of victories earned and respect one has instilled in others. A mere facade. But all this fabricated bravery would be put to the test on the faithful day of his older brother’s death. The two shared a nearly identical and therefore delusional ideology regarding the way of the sword, but if there was any swordsman Hashiba respected, it was the older sibling. The conceited swordsman that was his brother arranged a duel, knowing not it’d be the last time he would swing the sword. The opponent was some unremarkable brute from another world. The fight commenced, then ended. Hashiba watched the lifeless body of his brother collapse to the ground in disbelief. Nothing about it resembled the glorified fate the two had envisioned all these years – ‘dying honorably’. Years wasted. Would he, just like his brother, die such an unceremonious death? Something stirred within the boy, and for the first time in so many years, he felt the fear which he has imposed on those who fell to his blade before.


The young Hashiba fled, and in doing so, disgraced himself, his daimyo, and his family name. The unbearable shame fused with the crumbling of his beliefs left him forlorn, festering in his newfound fear of death. Lamenting his brother, the former samurai came to the conclusion that he wasn’t strong enough should he attempt to avoid such a death, and thus searched far and wide for means to change that. Arriving at the ancient city of Ar’Elis, desperate and wayward, Hashiba turned to cybernetic augmentation for salvation. Through improving his physicality and durability mechanically the man momentarily quenched his hunger for power that in turn drowsed the looming fears for now.
Cybernetically modified Hashiba


Yet the man was fixated on the wrong things in life, and perhaps in the recesses of his clouded, self-willed mind he knew that, but he was foolish enough to keep his inner worries at bay.


Continuous experimentation and unending obsession finally took its toll on the human, blurring the lines that once kept his mind sound. Perhaps this agonizing fate was bestowed upon him as punishment for his greed and arrogance. After certain time, Hashiba lost his memory.


For the better


Reborn, he roams Hellifyno familiar only with his name and the art of the sword, discovering the values of Bushido anew through his day-to-day vagrancy.