Lady Anya, Knight of Anor Londo


FC: Emily Berrington

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Title: Lady Anya, Faithful knight of Lord Gwyn and defender of Anor Londo.


Name: Anya of Anor Londo, Anya.

Age: (Unkown- at least one-thousand years old.)

DOB: (Before the Age of Fire.)

Position: Knight of Lord Gwyn, Hunter of dragons, Killer of Heretics and healer of the sick, a God.

Sexuality: Bisexual

Romantic Interest: Celestial


 Soothing Sunlight: A healing miracle, uses much of her energy though in turn can heal many ailments.


Bountiful Sunlight: Heals ailments, though slowly and over time, using considerably less energy to perform.


Caressing Tears: Heals poisons, toxins and can be used to stop some bleeding.


Tears of Denial: Once cast, it creates a shield at the moment of death, protecting the wearer from a killing blow. Only works once, leaves the wearer weak after it has shattered.


Sunlight Spear: A large spear of pure sunlight, designed to kill Dragons though is strong against all ‘dark’ creatures.


Sunlight Stake: Similar to Sunlight Spear though instead of being thrown, it is thrust downwards into a target, far stronger though cannot be used at range.


Sunlight Storm: An evolution of Spear, though once it hits the ground emits a large burst of pure sunlight that covers a small area around the caster.


Sunlight Arrow: Brings forth an ethereal bow of sunlight which fires a projectile far faster than Spear and far more precise, though with less force.



“I remember a time before the age of fire, few do nowadays, remember when dragons roamed the world. I remember Gwyn, Lord of Sunlight. We used to run and hide, an embarrassing confession I know, especially for a warrior such as myself. We didn’t have the ability to combat the dragons, our blades were pointless against their scales. We fought a losing battle, more knights lost with each passing battle until something happened. It was beautiful.


Deep underground, a fire burned. The first of it’s kind, and we were there to witness it. From this fire were born four Lord Souls, I cannot tell you of the other three. I can tell you of the Soul of Fire, given to Lord Gwyn however. The immediate effect was that we went from running and hiding, to holding our ground. Suddenly, we were able to build a small settlement, many flocked to us daily and soon we had our first city. Together, the four Lords came together in an attempt to defeat the dragons once and for all. The Witch of Izalith, Nito, Gwyn and the Furtive Pygmy came together, with the strength of Lords and challenged the dragons. Gwyn’s mighty bolts tore through their scales.


Together, with the help of Seath the Scaleless, the dragons were no more. The Age of Fire had dawned across the world. We were Gods, with the power to rule over the lesser. They worshipped Father Gwyn, and so they should. The Lords were quick to centralise and solidify power and control, the Silver Knights that had combated the dragons were instead tasked with defending Anor Londo. Such was my office. Early in the age of fire, my duty was to route out worship of angels and remove it’s heresy. Though, my duty changed.


I was not of Gwyn’s chosen four generals, though he came to me with specialised tasks. One such task, was the stop the dying of the light. We searched everywhere, we tried everything. No number of heretical sorceries, no matter the number of Miracles could stop the ending of the Flame. We turned to the other Lords, we could not allow the Age of Fire to come to an end so soon after it’s formation. In a desperate attempt, the Witch of Izalith gave her life and soul to try and preserve the fire, though to no avail. Gwyn tasked me with looking for a solution, he tasked me with travelling to find new solutions, or a new home. I never saw Gwyn again after this…”



In her realm:

Height: 9″5

Hair: Long and wavy, white.

Complexion: Young, strong. Defined features, a little rugged.


Out of Realm:

Height: 5″8

Hair: Long and wavy, white.

Complexion: Young, strong. Defined features, a little rugged.


Typical Attire:

While in combat, uses light armour to allow for freedom of movement.


While out of combat, she prefers more liberating clothing.

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Very few get to know her well enough to know of her in any other way.