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Greetings! I am Raoul Benjamin Carter Duskore . i shall not keep you too long either not to bore you or i’m sure we all have places to be and things to do but let me tell you how i came to be and where i am now.
Raoul started his earlier life on the Planet of Hellifyno on his mothers Lily Ann Duskore/Black farm where he was under the watchful eyes of his mother, two house keepers Sarah and Ceaiteg whom doted  on the young master but the one always found close by Raoul side was the large dark brown/russet dire wolf nanny Kiba. The family owned the farm upto when the young master was 12 when the loss of the boys faithful friend and a year later his own mothers own companion prompted Raouls mothers to want to leave this world behind them since their was little to keep them there and with the exploration of space much established she prompted a move to the very things she wished and wanted to aim the boy towards reaching…the stars. Selling all of worth other then the land rights, making sure their staff were settled in new homes on the planet lily took the young teenager onto the first ship going into space to begin their new life.
Gao ZhiPingHome world of  Rhea – City
8 years later well as one would count time on ones own world but given the makeup of space to some it is merely hours, to some days,  others years and to a few many many 100’s of years. Raoul finds himself  at the tender age of 20 piloting his own ship a crew of 6 others flying around supplies/cargo some of which has landed them in a few close calls and scraps with many authorizes and pirates curious about what they held.

Alexa – Doctor/Medic

(Race:- Twi’lek, Age:- 21 human years, Height:- 180.3fcm, Eyes:- Amber, Hair:- none two ‘horn’ appendages, Note:- Skin Lilac with dark purple freckled spots on head, shoulders, hips leading onto thighs)

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Chiel Hoentjen – Navigator

(Race:-Human, Age 18 and a half, Height:- 174.34cm, Eyes:- Green, Hair:- Auburn, Note:- Wears huge glasses almost comical)

Image result for erico lotus hetaliaImage result for Anime Land

Mikkel Skou – Engineer
(Race:- Human, Age:- 53, Height:- 176cm, Weight:- 180 lbs, Eyes:- Gray, Hair:-Dark Gray/brown, Notes:- Blind in left eye)

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Giafi & Fymaa Skou – Engineers, Mikkel’s adopted Daughters.

(Race:-    , Age 16 human years, Height:- 167cm, Weight:- 125lbs, Markings:- Ginger, white and black tabby fur)

Dag Michelsen – Crew, Raouls friend from academy.

(Race:- Human, Age 19, Height:- 182cm, Eyes:- Blue, Hair:- Dk Brown,

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Socks – Raouls latest companion/ Mutated Akita dog.

(Height:- 2’4″ at the shoulder, Weight:- 95 lbs, Colour/Markings:- Black with white socks and bib)

Mk3 Neohuman personal assistant droid 01010010 (R in binary)  – assistant mostly to Raoul, reminds of their ‘landings’ Crew called him ‘R’.

(Height:- 182 cm, Notes:- Humanoid robotic unit)

Raoul is 95% Vegetarian (will eat meat in extreme survival needs)



“we didn’t crash……merely landed with style” :- Raoul (when ever the subject of how many crashes they have had is brought up)

“if you don’t cut corners how do you get around? “:- Raoul (usually remark when he’s doing something he shouldn’t)

“Nothings set in stone….I like to find the wiggle room” :-Alexa (over her medical practices)

“I think it’s this way…Yeap.. Yeap it’s this way”:- Chiel (when asked where their going)

My Appearance

Height:- 193cm, 76.1 inchs (6’3″)

Eye Colour:- Teal

Hair:- Dark Ash Brown (curly when short)

Blood:- O-

Weight:- 84kg, 186Lbs (13.3st)

9 o’clock Shadow/Beard – still growing it in ? –

Distinguishing Features:-

. scar on upper lip- left side
. Tattoo right shoulder- kingfisher clutching flower under stars.
. Scar across palm left hand.
. Slight marble scaring on left side of body- hip/ribs.
. No little toe left side (only kidding loves telling folk only to reveal on occasions/ to a few it’s really there)



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The Kingfisher

If asked what his prized possessions where he would say it was his family, his crew, the ship, and a tattered cloth covered Book “Little Red Hen” and a Ivory carved statue of a wolf.

My Secrets Are...

my secrets…well everyone must have one and i’m not exempt either though i try not to let on much

1. Sneezes like a kitten (much to the poor boys embarrassment)