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Raoul Benjamin Carter W. Duskore

Born and raised for most of his early years on Hellifyno Raoul is the first child born to a Ex Steward of Sprout the Lady Lily Ann Duskore and the brother to younger sister Nebula.

Despite spending days running about and causing mayhem for his mother and their house keepers on the farm that was nestled between the mountains flanking the Syballisk swamps and the City of Civalo’ki on the eastern isle with his then companion and unusual ‘nanny’ of a dire wolf Kiba the boy did not always had such a idyllic childhood that continued to shape him long into his future.

Some of the factors that influenced Raoul’s future life was at the age of 8 he witnessed his mother/ Lily heavily intoxicated climb onto the barn roof attempting to ‘fly’ only to fall before the boy injuring herself badly it scared the boy thinking he had lost her since he had no father figure in his life outside of lilys’ younger brother who would visit occasionally that he would be a orphan to which he vowed never to touch the ‘cursed’ liquid ever having seen it’s affect on people.

Again within the same year he also had witnessed the slaughter of some of the farm animals many he had raised and very much befriended as friends were far and few between given the location of the farm for the purpose of food (later he learns he had a infinity to beasts a trait inherited from his mothers side). Lily explained the cycle of life and why they did what they did but the boy insisted from that point unless it was dire he would never eat meat again and never to harm them as a principle Lily installed in him was “Unless you plan to eat it, or it wants to eat you, never kill for sport..”

The next one that affected him and changed his life on the 3rd planet at the age of 12 was the death of his life long friend/Nanny Kiba along with his younger uncle and Lilys feathered companion Rigis, the unstable planets political and current events that on the eve of his 13th birthday boarding a shuttle he left with his mother to journey into the stars.

Reaching the colonized 7th moon (Rhea) of the Sixth planet he enrolled in to the Planetary Academy where Colonel Jochum Haller became mentor and father figure (even a short time ‘dating’ his mother).

Excelling in his studies when he paid attention that was Raoul had higher then normal for a ‘human’ well 3/4 human reflex’s and perception and a strength which earned much to his mothers protests a bought of being the cadets first choice for ‘boxing championships’.

All was going well and promising for a career in the Fleet for Raoul but when during a test at the age of 18 in one of the fighter ships they ‘jumped’ or some may know it as warped drive a underlying condition where under high stress or excitement where the heart is accelerated along with the ‘g forces’ one experiences Raoul passes out crashing onto a nearby planet close to where they came out of the jump where trapped he sustains burns to his midsection only saved from further injuries from the fire by a leather boomer jacket a long gifted present from a figure that used to visit the farm back on his birth planet.

Not wanting to risk a repeat or worse him passing out in a battle when in charge of one of the fleets larger cruiser ships he longed to captain the academy withdrew his application under ‘review’ that his condition improves or can be managed or he was willing to pass up ever being truly a commander of such vessels, or as he puts it as politely as possible “not playing second fiddle” to anyone else.

Using her connections and the fact her family owned mines (where they got their last name from too) Lily required funds and brought Raoul his own small Cargo ship so the boy could continue to fly and not give up his dreams.

Now at the tender age of 20 closely approaching his 21st where he is waiting for a upgraded vessel if he can prove himself along with 2 years under his belt (not to mention the many crashes too) Raoul can be found floating ferrying cargo between the planets, frequenting Hellifyno to see remaining family and for nostalgia reasons [ searching for nuggets of information of whom his father was too as the only things Raoul has of him are a old worn ivory carving, a silver ring and a very tatty though well preserved given the years duster coat]

My Appearance

Age:- 20

Height:- 6’3

Weight:- 84 kg/184 lbs

Eyes:- Teal

Hair:- Chestnut/Dark tan

Blood type:- O-

Distinguishing features:-

Tattoo on right arm of geometric kingfisher below a set of stars

Scarring from thigh to midsection on left side

Scar on upper lip, Across the palm of right hand.

I Believe...

It's not crashing, its landing with style.