Daethis The Forsaken (+Others)

Romantic Interests

females, mainly nonhuman ones.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

Deathis is a Wendigo from long ago, formerly Daethis Orthail, a swordsman and a hunter. He tries to keep his past hidden from others, but he usually opens up to good friends or romantic partners. He had gotten lost with a friend for 23 days while on a hunting trip, no animals were to be found anywhere. On the 23 day, he had killed his friend in their sleep and resorted to cannibalism, delivering the curse of the wendigo unto him. He had descended into madness preying off of travelers until a female he had captured somehow fell in love with him. He gave in to their love and she help restore his sanity over the years. She was found with him one night and she was taken from him and executed for harboring a forsaken being. He then started to wear cloaks and other vanity items to hide his appearance, but his size and antlers always led others to believe what he truly was. He now roams the land, looking for work, but his cannibalistic and insanity driven roots still have a hold on him, making him prone for fits of Insanity. He still has a ravenous apatite, and taste for human flesh..

My Appearance

7’8 in height. He has a deer-like facial structure, except his snout has sharp canine like teeth. He has a skinny body with lanky appendages, his ribcage exposed, as well as a few bones in other places on his body. He has dark grey fur, with exposed patches of pale skin. He wares a fine dark green cloak with the skull of a wendigo stitched onto the back to hide his appearance in public areas.


Makeshift sewing needle and thread hung in antlers for patching up wounds. Two razor sharp daggers made of bones, as well as two bone shortswords. He also has the bow of his dead female lover, using custom made arrows.

My Secrets Are...

His past, where he is from.

I Believe...

He believes in power, and will try his best to learn as much of it as he can. Despite this possibly disastrous trait, he also believes in redemption for those who deserve it. He doesn't believe his actions are redeemable, and such, he won't hesitate to commit things that would be considered bad, because he believes that since his sins cannot be forgiven, there is no point in trying to avoid sinning more.