Weary Wanderer


Ruling a hidden realm isn’t easy. especially when that hidden realm is Hyandria. A beautiful  realm where the air is sweet enough to taste, in hues of silver and blue and purple. A place with high mountains full of caverns and hidden springs. A place of valleys and fields and meadows where strange but wonderful creatures live. A (usually) joyful place where no one hates or causes undo drama. A home for a forgotten people who just want to live.

Ruling over this hidden realm is one named Anasandrya, Empress of Hyandria, called Weary Wanderer.  Through her the realm thrives and through her the realm lives. Her empirical blood is bound to Hyandria. As long as she lives, so does the realm. Thus she is considered an energy-based being.  Though it should be carefully noted Hyandrian energy is special; it is a neutral energy that can match or oppose nearly all other forms of energy. Some consider it a “life” energy, much like Gaian energy, however, Gaian energy and Hyandrian energy are very different and should not be mixed up or compared. (Noted Fact: Gaian energy and Hyandrian energy neutralize each other, thus they canNOT meet.)

Anasandrya is, like her realm, without time. In her human form she stands 5’6, or there about, with a slender build of perfect proportion of curves. Her skin has a slight bluish tint to it, with a hint of silvery lines of power just beneath the surface. Her long gold-ish red hair is usually kept artfully braided down her back, hanging to her hips.  Her gold eyes swirl with tampered energy which tend to flare brightly for long moments at a time.  Her movements are graceful and smooth and always with purpose.

Hyandrians as a people are sensual beings. It is there nature to seduce and enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer. During all times this nature is controlled and more an undertone of their being, however, every so often there is an alignment of the 13 moons of the realm. During the alignment, there is no control; Hyandrian females will hunt for satisfaction, seducing anyone and everyone they find appealing. The males will take what is wanted, dominating their partners for all they can get. These alignments last from three to five earth days. depending upon the season  in which they come (no pun intended.)


Who Am I...

Empress of Hyandria; Wanderer of Realms; Energy-based being

I Believe...

What I Believe.