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“We learn to run from…..anything uncomfortable
We’ve tied our pain below
And no one ever has to know
That inside we’re broken
I tried to patch things up again
To cut my tears and kill these fears
But have I told you?
Have I?!…………
It’s not faith if you use your eyes………”


Who Am I...

I'm a demon, if you want my love or anything like that it's gonna take a while. I don't make friends fast but keep at it and you may have a chance.

Romantic Interests

I'm a pansexual, panromantic. Keep at it and you might win my love, and u better be a top because I'm a brat bottom.

Relationship Status


My Story Is...

My dad is the king of hell. My mom is the queen. I stay away from being prince as much as possible so I’m always over ground.

My Appearance

I have dark black short hair and part of it covers one of my eyes. My skin is gray, where white should be in my eyes there is black and my eye color is red. I have fangs, and I’m usually wearing a oversized black hoodie, with black ripped jeans, and black high tops.


I’m not telling you! You’ll have to learn

My Secrets Are...

My secrets are MINE!!! Become my friend and then you might learn some

I Believe...

If i blush at a joke you make, you're the one I want to be with.



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