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Who Am I...

A dragon goddess named winter

Romantic Interests

Mysterious men

Relationship Status


My Appearance

A Woman that is 23 years old (as far as I know) and 6 feet tall , she has frosty light blue eyes , she has long silky black hair , she is wearing a black thin choker with a bronze dragon on it , she is also wearing a long dark red cloak with only a long Laced black skirt on under it , her skin is as pale as snow ,


*Winter was supposed to have wings when she was younger but since she went through a lot of pain her growth stopped for 10 years and then continued but she never grew her wings. She ran into a creature/human and he helped her grow wings

Related image

*When winter shows her wings they look like this


Dagger of vorpidity: The dagger of vorpidity can cut through any type of metal to pearce the flesh of enemys.

Components of charm: These components charm whoever they are casted apon.

Cloak of elvenkind: This cloak turns the wearer invisable or almost its more of a comaflage blending into where ever shes at.

My Secrets Are...

She is a little crazy and she gets drunk from drinking Vikings blood. She was born with a weird disease that made her stop aging at 23 but she doesn’t know that she is actually 316 years old.

I Believe...

To protect the balence between dragons