Alexander Yamamoto


Hunter. Gunslinger. A bit of a dumbass, but surprisingly competent.

Who Am I...

I drink a lot. I also deal with the paranormal more often than I'd like. Yes, I realize that is my job.

Romantic Interests

None at this time.

My Story Is...

Alex is the latest in a long-line of hunters that date back several millennia; part of an organization that has dealt with and occasionally fought all matters of paranormal, supernatural, and outright demonic beings. He’s good at his job, but wishes he wasn’t pigeonholed into the family business, despite the necessity of it all.

My Appearance

Asian descent.
Chiseled features. Dark brown eyes.
Favours fitted, casual clothing.
Sculpted, toned, muscular physique. Some would say he’s ripped, stripped and striated.
He has an eight-pack and he probably will tell you. He’s rather proud of it.


A good hunter never betrays his secrets.

My Secrets Are...

The first of his family line was bonded to a Youkai who fought on the side of humanity, a Kitsune, specifically, during a great war between the human and demon realms millennia ago, that has fallen into obscurity and has been long forgotten. Every member of his line has had access to those supernatural powers, but over the span of time, that power has waned, as well as the more obviously Kitsune-like features as the blood has diluted.

Alex is trying to find a way to keep up with the nature of his job, the creatures he battles, and find his way in this world in light of this reality.

I Believe...

My life's about to get a whole lot weirder.