Keena Lunarpaw

Intro Video


Name: Keena Lunarpaw


Other Names: Kee


Age: 23


Sex: Female


Sexuality: Straight


Race: Lycan



Body Type: Curvy, but muscular


Facial: Clear complexion


Hair: Her hair usually changes. She usually dyes it or wears wigs. 


Eyes: Blue


Skin: Pale




Body type: Stocky, similar to that of a grey wolf, but she’s slightly larger


Facial: A mixture of gray and blonde, with lighter cheeks and muzzle


Fur: Mostly blonde, gray mixed in on her undercoat


Extra: As a healer, she doesn’t have many scars. Just a few on her forelegs and the very tip of her tail is missing.



Alignment: Neutral Good


General Personality: Don’t let Keena’s general appearance fool you. She’s really not as cruel or cold as she looks. Keena is bubbly, social, and makes an effort to help anyone she can. As a healer, she usually doesn’t worry too much about her physical strength, but she can fight if she absolutely has to. However, being who she is, she refuses to kill her opponent. She’ll knock them out or injure them so she can get away.


Dislikes: Death, skunks, wolverines (they’re mean little shits!)


Likes: sunny days, wide open spaces, helping people


Morals: She’ll help anyone she can, will put her own life on the line for her Pack, and will do anything to prove her loyalty




“Mutt.” That was a word she hated when she was younger. But, what could you do when you were born to a werewolf constantly on the move because your family wasn’t aligned with any Pack out there? Keena had always been the oddball, the outcast. She was never mean enough to be a werewolf, not really, and she’d always had a knack for healing others. 


A fight with the North American Pack on Earth had resulted in multiple injuries and the death of her parents. She was nineteen when that happened. But she decided to take her chances with a new planet. Hellifyno. 


That might have been the worst mistake she’d made. She spent almost four years on the run, fleeing wars and vampires, other werewolves. It wasn’t until she encountered the Lunarpaw Pack that she realized she could belong somewhere. 


While in the wilds, somewhere in the world (she didn’t know where, okay?), she stumbled upon a young wolf that had been injured by a wolverine. That big, soft heart of hers melted and she immediately set about healing the poor thing. During the healing process, Airalenn Lunarpaw found her. She was skilled, obviously, and what Pack doesn’t need a good healer? He brought her back to the rest of the pack, and she was accepted in. 


Does this mean she has a crush on him? Possibly. Keena keeps her heart guarded as much as she can, even though she absolutely melts around Airalenn. What can she say? She has a big heart, and she’s a complete softy on the inside.


Who Am I...

Lunarpaw Werewolf

Romantic Interests

Uh….. I-I don't know what you're talking about!

Relationship Status

Hopelessly crushing



She carries a canvas backpack with her everywhere. This bag is enchanted, and it holds a pocket dimension inside it. Anything you could ever need, she probably has inside this thing. And good luck prying it from her. She clings to that thing like it’s her life.