Who Am I...

A Drifter

My Appearance

Age: 23

Height: 6’1

Weight: 210

Body type: Athletic

Muscle type: Toned

Normal outfit: Hooded black long coat with red trim. Grey t-shirt. Baggy black pants tucked into calf high Kazama tech boots with plated armor at the shins. Kazama Tech Knuckle studded fingerless gloves.


Kazama Tech Nano armor: Shape shifting gloves that are powered by kinetic and solar energy that allow the wearer to deal stronger blows and grant them more ranged options.

Combat functions include:

*Energy projectiles to a max range of 50 yards.

*Increased striking power

*Electrical discharge to stun and shock opponents

*Kinetic dispersal field to increase defense.


Overdrive core: Kazama tech Overdrive core works on a recharge principle. Absorbing both the input and output of kinetic energy of the host. Upon activation, releases a combination of chemical and electrical variants into the host’s body to allow them to perform super human feats. Max overdrive charge is three. Host may choose to expand a single or all three charges for various effects. Maximum Overdrive Expenditure increases host fatigue afterwards.


Kazama tech Subdural armor implants: Nano machines that are implanted into the host’s body to provide better protection from external damage and help to repair damage that is caused. Due to constant movement and reconstruction of cells side effects of the Subdural implants include increased physical ability, elevating the subject to peak physical conditioning.

My Secrets Are...