Amadore Giovanni

Who Am I...

Amadore Giovanni, ex-leader of the Giovanni family of vampires, once slain by Augustus Giovanni, brought back through necromancy to regain control of the clan after Augustus abandoned them

Romantic Interests

Karen Darkshade or women in general

Relationship Status

It's Complicated

My Story Is...

Amadore Giovanni was born in Augustia, Italy at the pinnacle of the Golden Age. With his brilliance and smarts, he quickly rose through the Giovanni family during a time of strife and self-creation to stand at Augustus’ side. He was part of the Giovanni counsel and inevitably became the second hand man to Augustus when his clan’s exodus took place. As a result, when Augustus was killed and thrown into the void, he was one of the few who helped a number of the heroes do just that so that he could take place as a leader of the family.

He soon met Karen Darkshade who was already with child. After allowing her to have the child, he turned her after a budding relationship formed between the two of them travelling many locations together. Unfortunately, theirs was a relationship of complication. As a co-leader of the Giovanni, Karen was often looked down upon by others and as a result, he felt she grew complacent in her leadership and without the best choices made for the Giovanni as a whole.

The Giovanni had allied with Daniel Plainview in his initial run for legitimate leadership of Hellifyno. Karen, sensing the danger in allying with someone like that, held him at gun point. As a fail safe, he had taken her daughter Alexandria hostage, threatening her bodily harm if Karen didn’t see to an end her disobedience. As a result, Karen was taken in her daughter’s place, a pencil shoved into her heart to put her into a torpor and then tortured to within an inch of her life before being thrown into the tavern for its members and heroes to heal her.

One would think their relationship at that point would have been over but instead, he forgave her complacency and accepted her back into the Giovanni and his arms without a fight when she apologized, only she was carrying something in her head that was speak unbiased danger, Augustus Giovanni’s eye.

They were soon engaged and then married and as a show of her loyalty, he gave her a very large portion of Augustia which allowed her freedom in regards to the Giovanni.

However, Karen betray him once more within a few weeks when their relationship soured and she betrayed the clan by converting to a Dracul instead of keeping her Giovanni heritage. Their mateship was dissolved and it was only a month or so down the line when he was murdered when Augustus Giovanni was brought back to life, his skull eaten and his brains, and blood, devoured in a display of diablerie.

Now, several years have passed. With the abandonment of the Giovanni by Augustus Giovanni after releasing the malevolent abominations, Lucretia Giovanni came to power since she was Augustus’ second in command and she brought Amadore back from the grave in his original body to take leadership so she could assume the role of Giovanni leadership from a quiet, dark place since there was an obvious curse for the publicly known Giovanni leaders.

My Appearance



Image result for hrithik roshan"Amadore Giovanni stands above six feet tall with a body that displays his previous role in his human life which was an executioner and officer in the Italian mafia, run by Augustus Giovanni from the shadows and human cohorts in Italy. He has hazel eyes and short, blond hair with a sun kissed, copper tone. He has a short beard and a regular fighter’s build with muscle well built and a bodily physique that leaves little to imagination.

He has something of a devilish grin with pearly white teeth and no marks that would betray how he died in his first life to the hands of his sire, Augustus Giovanni or Octavian, as he’s known now.